Kate Middleton the farewell came too soon Unfortunately no one

Kate Middleton, the farewell came too soon: Unfortunately no one could prevent it iFood

Kate Middleton Kate Middleton – IFood.it (Facebook photo)

She knew it would happen sooner or later, but it was still very difficult for her to part with her. Unfortunately, that's how it is.

He valued her so much that he had to break up with her a real tragedy. Unfortunately, that's how it works when you join Royal family.

Life is completely turned upside down and you enter a world that offers great privileges and great limits, including this one He stopped them from being together. Kate, though She knew what was coming By marrying her husband, she accepted the many rules of the royal family, even though it was very painful for her she walked away from her.

Luckily the protocol It doesn't stop them from giving up on them entirely. This little consolation calms her down a lot given the good relationship that exists between them, but on the other hand it also makes her sad because he can't see her in the evening. So it must be at this time of day find an alternative about being with her because he can't help it.

Given the existing bond, that wouldn't have been easy. But that's exactly what you have to do when you become a member of the royal family. Adapt to the many rules imposed by the protocol.

A set of boundaries that must be respected

I am There are many restrictions that royal protocol dictates. Many of these have to do with ways to dress and behaviors to avoid when attending a public gathering. Among these the Prohibition of the exchange of outpourings or hugs and for women the wearing of trousers.

However, there are also bans that have to do with food. One of them is this Prohibition of evening consumption of carbohydrates, i.e. pasta, rice, bread and potatoes. But Kate can't say no to exactly one of them.

pastaPasta – IFood.it (Photo by Depositphoto)

A painful ban

Being a carbohydrate Kate's favorite dishTherefore, in order to respect the rules imposed in the protocol, the Princess of Wales is forced Give up his kindnessin this case to that of pasta and choosing other dishes for dinner.

He almost always cares deeply about the well-being of his body Prepare a meat dish with vegetablesas Grazia magazine also reports, but if he could, He would never give up pasta, not even for dinner.

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