Kate Middleton's planned surgery was not shared with royal insiders before hospitalization, experts say

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Kate Middleton was hospitalized last week for “scheduled abdominal surgery,” but insiders were not aware of this before Kensington Palace's Jan. 17 announcement, royal experts told Fox News Digital.

“Just a few days before the announcement, I spoke to sources close to the family and they gave no indication that anything was afoot,” royal expert Shannon Felton Spence told Fox News Digital, according to a People magazine report , which said her operation was a surprise to relatives of the royal family.

“I believe the report,” Spence said, adding that the princess was “essential to the health and well-being of the monarchy.” “In human terms, she is the mother of a future king.” She is the partner of a future king. Catherine is the stability, normality and warmth of the family for the next two generations. She is also an invaluable tool for the institution as she is consistently one of the most popular members.”

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Christopher Andersen, author of “The King: The Life of Charles III,” suggested that the Princess of Wales may have kept quiet about her upcoming surgery primarily because of her three young children.

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Kate Middleton was hospitalized last week for “scheduled abdominal surgery.” (Victoria Jones-Pool/Getty Images)

“Kate is a very reserved person at first, but she's certainly most concerned about how this will all affect her young children,” he told Fox News Digital. “She obviously doesn’t want to worry or scare them. Of course, when you're George, Charlotte or Louis's age, it's scary to see a parent go to the hospital. That's one of the main reasons.” “If not the main reason, Kate tried to downplay the operation.”

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But in reality, the fact that her health problem was kept secret fueled the rumors, he said.

“Unfortunately, the suddenness of the announcement and the mystery surrounding the princess’ condition have only served to further fuel speculation and rumors,” Andersen said. “It would probably have been better for the palace to simply describe the nature of Kate's operation and get it over with. Until then, the royal rumor mill will just keep churning. Compare and contrast this with the king's prostate surgery. “Had Charles.” If I had come to the hospital for a “planned operation” without further explanation, there would certainly have been an uproar.”


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King Charles III is also expected. is hospitalized for “corrective” surgery related to an enlarged prostate.

Royal author and commentator Duncan Larcombe added that Middleton's husband, Prince William, was given permission by Charles to carry out only light duties so that he could look after his wife and Princes George, 10, Louis, 5, and Princess Charlotte could take care of. 8th.

Kate Middleton was last seen making her way to church in public at Sandringham on Christmas Day. (Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Kensington Palace announced on January 17 that Middleton was admitted to the London clinic for the planned operation and is expected to remain there for two weeks.

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The Princess was last seen in public walking to church with her family in Sandringham on Christmas Day and there were no signs she was unwell at the time.

The palace has also not commented on what type of surgery she will undergo beyond abdominal surgery.

“I haven’t been able to find out anything from anyone about her surgery or her condition,” Spence added.

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Royal expert Ian Pelham Turner told Fox News Digital that news of Charles' trial had reignited rumors that the king could abdicate in the same way as Denmark's Queen Margrethe II did earlier this month.

He said that with William caring for Kate and Charles and Sarah Ferguson having her own health issues – Prince Andrew's ex underwent breast cancer treatment and was just diagnosed with skin cancer – the royal family is “now depleted of key members…” This would have meant a massive increase in duties for Princess Anne and the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.”

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King Charles III is hospitalized for a “correction” of his prostate. (Chris Jackson – WPA Pool /Getty Images)

He said many royal watchers were worried about the impact a “medical catastrophe” could have on a “streamlined monarchy”.

“So without Andrew or [Prince] Harry and Meghan [Markle]”Princess Anne's similar concern that weight loss wouldn't work resonated with us,” he added. “In reality, this now suggests that the company is in disarray and there may be a major rethink taking place in the Windsor household.” At a time of British austerity, spending more money on a possible expansion of the monarchy may be frowned upon, but it is necessary in the long term.”


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Anderson believes the princess's operation, which the palace says will mean she won't return to royal duties until after Easter, is clearly a “real health crisis” rather than a “minor procedure”.

“Just because the operation was 'scheduled' does not mean it is routine,” he added, suggesting: “The two-week hospital stay and long recovery time leave no doubt that this was a serious medical problem.” .”

Middleton, 42, has not had many well-known serious health problems in the past, except during her three pregnancies, when she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness, and had to be hospitalized.

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Kinsey Schofield, host of the “To Di For Daily” podcast, called Middleton “an integral part of the future of the monarchy.”


“William and Catherine kind of define this really beautiful and hopeful vision of the future,” she told Fox News Digital. “You can’t recreate it because it’s authentic and natural. It's effortless. That's why they are so important for today's monarchy. They inspire people to look forward instead of backwards.”