Keanu Reeves the kiss with his partner Alexandra Grant goes

Keanu Reeves, the kiss with his partner Alexandra Grant goes around the internet

Their story spans more than four years, but they are definitely a private couple, one of the most private in Hollywood. Their kiss in public is even rarer. Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant are a well-rehearsed couple and their private life seems to be slowly coming to light. Also with unusual gestures: On the red carpet of the gala at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the two exchanged a kiss in favor of the photographers, a gesture that immediately went viral on social media.

Together since 2019

It was a harmless, almost innocent kiss, and of course there was no shortage of American tabloids calling it almost forced, as the photographers in attendance apparently demanded it. Nothing changes in the result, because the two seemed very amused and, above all, very accomplices. The two made their relationship official in 2019 during another arts gala in Los Angeles, where they posed hand-in-hand. Keanu Reves recently told People about a moment of extreme happiness with his partner: “We were in bed. There was a connection. We smiled, we played. I felt great. It was so nice just to be together.”