Kevin Owens gave Becky Lynch advice ahead of her match

Kevin Owens gave Becky Lynch advice ahead of her match at WWE Elimination Chamber 2024

At WWE Elimination Chamber 2024, Becky Lynch and Kevin Owens were both in an Elimination Chamber match.

During an interview with Submission Radio before the WWE Elimination Chamber, Kevin Owens and Becky Lynch were asked to give each other advice for their matches.

Kevin Owens: “You have to win, but if I could I would tell you to kick them in the balls, but that's not possible. »

Becky Lynch: ” I can't do this. Yes, anything is possible, but it won't work. They just look at me and then they hit me in the face and my foot gets stuck there. »

KO: “Surely you can at least shock them with it and then… it sticks there?” It'll be quite a thrill. »

Lynch: “What advice do I have to give?” Kick them in the balls. »

KO: “Yes, I can do it! Yes, that's it. Attention. The only one I won't do that to is Randy, because I love Randy. Everyone else, that's it. Maybe I won't do it to Bobby Lashley. Nobody does hurt me more than Bobby Lashley. Guaranteed if I kick him in the balls I'll break my ankle.”

Becky Lynch won her match and will face Rhea Ripley at WWE WrestleMania 40. Unfortunately, he didn't win the Elimination Chamber match, so he has to find other plans for the biggest show of the year.

The interview:

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