Kevin Owens39 son soon in the ring

Kevin Owens' son soon in the ring?

Kevin Owens' son is now 16 years old, a perfectly appropriate age to start a wrestling career. In fact, the Quebecer was able to comment on the matter in an interview with Inside the Ropes:

“He’s not as passionate as I am. I ate Catch, I breathed Catch 24/7 when I was his age. He's not like that, but he still loves wrestling. He likes to hang out with me and watch the matches I pick for him. He also likes to come over to see me in action. He wants to try wrestling and start training.

Still, I don't want to rush anything. He is 16 years old. I started when I was 14 and while I'm happy to be where I am, it was probably a little early. He has the right to take his time. He is 2 meters tall and weighs 127 kilos and I don't think he's finished growing yet. If he decides to really start wrestling, I think he has what it takes to have a great career.”

Kevin Owens will therefore let his son follow the path he wants. To better understand his impressive physique:

Photo credit: WWE