Key Alves indicates sister is flirting with Cara de Sapato

Key Alves indicates sister is flirting with Cara de Sapato Splash

Collaboration for Splash, in São Paulo

1/28/2023 7:09 AMUpdated on 1/28/2023 7:09 AM

During the BBB 23 party, Key Alves approached Domitila and commented on what he thought of Larissa and Cara de Sapato. According to the athlete, the sports teacher flirted with her brother on the dance floor.

Button: “Friend I could be wrong but I think Larissa is banging on Shoe Face.

In the situation, Larissa spoke to Cara de Sapato about Bruna’s attitude towards Gabriel. The sister pointed out that she was irritated by some of the actress’ sentences, which the model repeatedly underlined in the conversation.

Before that, Larissa also chatted with Fred about it. The sister regretted that she had fallen out with Bruna, also because of Gabriel.

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BBB 23: See how Skank’s show was at Friday’s party

BBB 23: Brothers at the Party with Skank  Reproduction/Globoplay


Brothers at the party with Skank

Gabriel Santana, Domitila and other brothers enjoy the skank show

Playback/Globoplay BBB 23: Brothers at Friday's Party  Reproduction/Globoplay


Brothers at the party on Saturday

Brothers get excited about the band Skank’s show

Playback/Globoplay BBB 23: Bruno Gaga and other brothers at the fair  Reproduction/Globoplay


BBB 23: Bruno Gaga and others

Skank sings the greatest hits of the BBB 23

Playback/Globoplay BBB 23: Skank Starts Show Indoors  Reproduction/Globoplay


BBB 23: Skank starts show

Skank started the show on house night

Playback/Globoplay BBB 23: Samuel Rosa on stage  Reproduction/Globoplay


BBB 23: Samuel Rosa on stage

Samuel Rosa praises brothers at BBB 23

Playback/Globoplay Skank Announce Farewell Tour  Reproduction/Globoplay


Skank sings at BBB 23

Skank announce farewell tour of Brazil

Playback/Globoplay BBB 23: Key and cowboy at the party  Reproduction/Globoplay


BBB 23: Keys and cowboy at the party

Key Alves and Gustavo Cowboy enjoy Skank’s show at BBB 23

Playback/Globoplay Samuel Rosa enjoys BBB 23  Reproduction/Globoplay


Samuel Rosa having fun at BBB

Musician Samuel Rosa had fun with the brothers

Playback/Globoplay Samuel Rosa sings at BBB 23  Reproduction/Globoplay


Samuel Rosa sings at BBB 23

Samuel Rosa rocks Friday night at BBB 23

Playback/Globoplay Brothers Sing Skank  Reproduction/Globoplay


Brothers sing skank

Brothers dance and sing Skank hits