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Kiev reports “many violations” in supplies to the military

Following complaints from the Ukrainian military about shortfalls in equipment and supplies, Defense Minister Rustem Umyerov admitted wrongdoing. The minister said on Facebook that “many violations” were recorded during unannounced checks.

The food supply was also checked. Provisions worth more than 50 million hryvnia (around 1.2 million euros) were missing and had not been delivered.

“We record violations and process each case individually,” Umjerow wrote in the statement published yesterday. The supplier of some military units has recently changed due to the events.

The unannounced inspections, in which the secret services and other security agencies are also involved, will continue, he said.

Umjerow wants the system to be “clean.”

According to the Ministry of Defense, there were recently complaints from the Armed Forces about supply deficits in the camps of some units in the east of the country. Defects in the quality and quantity of food were also identified.

There have recently been several corruption scandals in the Ministry of Defense and the armed forces, which are waging a war of Russian aggression with Western financial and military assistance. Defense Minister Umyerov announced that he would clean up the system.