King Charles III poses with Prince William and Prince George

King Charles III poses with Prince William and Prince George in new portrait – Entertainment Tonight

King Charles III posing with his heirs. In a photo released on Friday, the new king smiles alongside his son Prince William and grandson Prince George.

The photograph was taken by Hugo Burnand in the throne room of Buckingham Palace on the day of Charles’s coronation.

Charles wears magnificent regalia in the photograph, including the estate robe and imperial state crown, and holds the sovereign’s orb and crossed sovereign’s sceptre. Charles is seated in one of two 1902 throne chairs made for the future King George V and future Queen Mary for the coronation of King Edward VII.

Meanwhile, William, who recited the tribute to the royal blood at the coronation, and George, who was one of Charles’ pages at the event, stand in the picture on either side of the king.

In a second photo, also taken in the throne room, Charles poses with Queen Camilla and her eight Pages of Honor and Ladies in Attendance. The photograph shows Charles wearing the Imperial crown and estate robe and Camilla wearing Queen Mary’s crown and estate robe.

The photos come almost a week after the coronation. Although Charles’ other son, Prince Harry, attended the ceremony, he did not interact with either Charles or William during the ceremony due to the ongoing rift.

“There was no interaction between him and any of the family members that mattered,” royal expert Katie Nicholl told ET. “[Harry] was largely obscured for most of the service. I couldn’t see any interaction between him and William. I am told from very reliable sources that there was no contact between the brothers, although they were both in Windsor that Friday night and really were not far apart.