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“La doudou”: Claudia Larochelle's youth series sold more than 200,000 copies in Quebec

The children's book series The blanket, by Claudia Larochelle has just surpassed 200,000 copies sold in Quebec and its rights have just been acquired by Les Éditions Auzou in France.

When journalist and presenter Claudia Larochelle (who is also a mother) created the cuddly toy character, she had “no idea” what would become of this fun children's book project. She certainly didn't imagine that the success of her work – which would later become a series – would last more than ten years in Quebec.

“I think it's the chemistry between Maira Chiodi's illustrations – which brings incredible life to the story – and our shared love for young people that makes the series work. The humor, the team around this project, the desire to be authentic and also the beautiful sincerity,” explains the author in an interview with the journal.

“It makes me happy to see how committed parents and grandparents are to encouraging young people to read. They gave my illustrator and I confidence. It is important to me to continue in this perspective,” continues the author, who will publish the 12th volume of “The Blanket that was was Lost Almost Forever” on March 28 in Quebec.

“La doudou”: Claudia Larochelle's youth series sold more than 200,000 copies in Quebec

The blanket In France

The first title in the series, The Blanket That Didn't Smell Good, was released in Quebec in 2015. Les Éditions Auzou in France acquired the rights to this work. This is how we learn that the French say “un doudou”.

It makes me laugh and smile, which is what I expected. “In the end it’s always the same story,” says the artist, amused by this small linguistic difference.

For Claudia Larochelle, this good news is proof that local children's literature is on the rise and is no longer considered second-rate literature. And that our culture is definitely exportable.

“There are young people who love reading here and elsewhere, I see it and for me it is the greatest gift.” I wanted to create a character that would appeal to children and make them want to read in the future. “Doudou is a slightly desperate character who unites children and adults in their imperfections, a kind of anti-heroine who does good,” believes the one who hopes for a positive outcome in the development of a TV series with her beloved cuddly toy.

Claudia Larochelle will also publish the novel for adults The ugly in May.