1676727837 lack of respect After Key Alves revealed relationship with Rodrigo

“lack of respect”; After Key Alves revealed relationship with Rodrigo Mussi, the influencer loses patience and returns…


Former participant commented on the relationship with the player

Rodrigo Mussi returns to detonate Key Alves' lines on the BBB© Image 1 Playback: Instagram/Rodrigo Mussi | Picture 2 Playback/TV GloboRodrigo Mussi returns to detonate Key Alves’ lines on the BBB

The exBBB Rodrigo Mussireturned to comment on the speeches of key alves In the Big brother Brazil, which refers to the relationship he had with the famous. The athlete claimed to have been in a relationship with Rodrigo the same night the presenter was in a car accident and revealed that she also got a tattoo in honor of the boy.

In conversation with WHOQuoting Keys’ lines, Rodrigo admitted he didn’t like the ‘compromise’: “The game seems to be working for me. People on the internet criticize or praise me for the things she says back on Big Brother,” she says.

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The former contestant also says he prefers to keep such things private and felt disrespected after Key opened up about the case: “It’s my thing, I don’t like to talk about sharing details about what happens between two people in intimacy.” happens, not even to friends. I find it disrespectful to say things in public that two people are doing in a private moment.”

Finally, Mussi explained that the only reason for the inconvenience was that it was something personal: “I don’t like it. It’s not that I’m shy or prudish, but I think there are things you don’t need. I don’t think it’s an advantage or nice to talk to whoever I’ve stayed with,” he shot.