Ladies paradise 1 2 February Sandra Milo arrives Zanatta worried

Ladies paradise 1. 2. February: Sandra Milo arrives, Zanatta worried about Marco

Allegations, secrets, gossip and much more will be seen in the episodes of ladies paradise to broadcast Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd February on Rai1.

Leaks about Marcello and Adelaide’s relationship will make the rounds and Ludovica will be curious about the relationship between the two. At the Paradiso, the Venuses will welcome Sandra Milo while Roberto will examine Marco’s mental state, which worries Gemma and Matilde so much.

Spoilers, Ladies’ Paradise, February 1 episode: Salvatore will make a discovery about Francesco

When appointing Wednesday February 1st en Paradise of the ladies we talk about the newcomers Francesco and Palma.

In the Rizzo family, the situation seems to be going smoothly until then Salvatore will make a shocking discovery. It all begins when young Amato’s eye falls into the boy’s pocket and notices some sketches, the same ones he had previously seen in the cafeteria, which have mysteriously disappeared. It will be that Salvatore points the finger at Francesco and accuses him of theft.

In the meantime Roberto Landi will improvise as an “investigator”. and he will after Gemma asks him to see Marco’s state of mind clearly. According to young Zanatta, her ex has something that worries him, but the person concerned will downplay it and bring up meeting her brother Tancredi and the interview he has to do with director Fellini.

In the meantime, Matilde will have the same feelings Gemma has towards Marco.

Room for Marcello and Adelaide too: some rumors will circulate about them but the two will appear deaf to the chatter.

Ladies’ Paradise Episode 2 February: Ludovica takes an interest in the relationship between the ex and Adelaide

When appointing Thursday February 2nd en The Lady’s Paradise Salvatore will be mad at Francesco for the drawings he thinks he stole.

Marcello and Armando will try in any way they can to convince Salvo that things are not at all what he says they are. There will soon be an evolution, however, as the truth behind these sketches is finally discovered.

Orders are set to be buzzing at the Milan department store with the star’s imminent arrival Sandra Milo.

The latter will be the testimonial of the shop’s new Lycra tights.

Palazzo Andreani is now in the hands of Commendatore Guarnieri, who will carry out his plan. However, Umberto will be very careful that his partner Flora doesn’t discover anything. In the meantime, Ludovica will want to know more about the relationship between Marcello and the Countess of Sant’Erasmo.