1664800907 LAria Che Tira Feltri surprises Myrta Merlino what she knows

L’Aria Che Tira, Feltri surprises Myrta Merlino: what she knows about the Meloni government

LAria Che Tira Feltri surprises Myrta Merlino what she knows

Giada Oricchio October 3, 2022

“Giorgia Meloni adapts but does not change. The danger? Salvini”. Vittorio Feltri tells Giorgia Meloni behind the scenes and posts a message in a bottle for future reference. The co-director of the Libero newspaper said of the Prime Minister in pectore in connection with the broadcast of LA7 “L’Aria che Tira” on Monday 3 October: “I know her quite well. I know very well that he doesn’t change his attitude and mentality, of course he adapts to reality. It is one thing to lead a party, it is another to lead the country and put yourself at the head of a government.”

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Feltri does not succumb to the temptation to make simple prophecies but reinforces his vision: “Giorgia Meloni will face any problem with realism as long as the majority, who all seem very solid, don’t come up with problems that make it difficult for them to walk. For example, Salvini’s seams: they are not good for the centre-right coalition”.

Some problems with the formation of the next executive board could be in full swing after the disappointing election result, according to the head of the Lega. In short, a few words to the good connoisseur. Feltri then revealed: “I have some conversations with Meloni, but I don’t allow myself to make her say things that she can’t answer.”

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A message that piqued hostess Myrta Merlino’s curiosity: “Ah, have you heard it these days?! Not even Ambassador Pontecorvo can do that!”, “Yes, we said goodbye, I congratulated you on the success achieved, after that I don’t know what will happen in the next few days or months – the director replied –. Leading Italy at a time like this is not easy for anyone, it wasn’t easy for Draghi either. In addition, the international situation is paradoxical. We rightly condemned Putin (for invading Ukraine, ed.), but the constant imposition of sanctions on him does not create an appropriate climate for peace. We keep sending guns and that prevents us from having gas. Nobody cares about peace, the general situation is untenable. Pope Francis is right, but nobody listens to him”.

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