Larissa Manoela responds to pregnancy rumors after her belly is

Larissa Manoela responds to pregnancy rumors after her belly is the target of comments on a photo

Larissa Manoela speaks out about pregnancy rumors.

Larissa Manoela speaks out about pregnancy rumors.

Photo: Reproduction, Instagram / Purepeople

Larissa Manoela and André Luiz Frambach published a photo together to celebrate the start of the new year. However, the publication left the couple's fans wondering about the actress' possible pregnancy.

In 2023, Larissa Manoela experienced a difficult family separation. Furthermore, it was also the year that she and André Luiz got married. In the publication's headline, the actress expressed wishes for 2024. “May the new bring us even more health, peace, love and hope,” she wrote.

Larissa Manoela comments on alleged pregnancy

In the photo, André Luiz appears to be hugging Larissa Manoela from the side and resting his hand on his wife's stomach. In the comments, some followers understood that they were trying to hide a pregnant belly.

“I don't know why Larissa looks pregnant anymore,” said one fan. “I thought so too,” a second agreed. “The belly sticks out,” a third continued.

This Tuesday (02) Larissa Manoela commented on the rumors on the network and they will come exactly when my husband and I want them! So stop making up theories!” he asked.

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