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Lasso is again summoned to Parliament in Ecuador

His presentation is scheduled virtually as the president recovers from surgery for a fractured fibula.

This health situation for the CEO comes as his government is going through a political crisis over allegations of corruption and links to drug trafficking, leading to calls for his resignation from politicians and social organizations.

This week MP Viviana Veloz, president of the commission investigating the Encuentro case, challenged the president’s position by staying away from the parliamentary hearing where he was expected to give an account of the country’s alleged corruption network in public companies.

“If there are no files of corruption, why is he refusing to show his face? Why don’t you allow your ministers to provide the necessary information? Veloz stressed.

Neither former government minister Francisco Jiménez nor police commander Fausto Salinas attended last Monday’s meeting; among other things convened.

The parliamentary commission is scheduled to present the report with the conclusions on February 22nd.

But lawmakers agreed to seek an extension following new government revelations about links to drug trafficking and illegal campaign financing.

If the extension is approved, the report should be available by Friday March 3, and likely one of the recommendations is to seek impeachment against Lasso. rgh/nta