Last lap for Pierre Bruneau

Last round for Pierre Bruneau

Despite piloting his very last election night tonight, Pierre Bruneau is not the type for regret and nostalgia.

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The summer he has just spent cycling, fishing and traveling to Labrador will have allowed him to tame what awaits him tomorrow when we will no longer see him on TV.

“I’m very proud of my 46 years as a TV presenter and my 50 years as a journalist. I want to enjoy life a bit now and think of myself. I’m very realistic, I dare not [dans la retraite] with regret or nostalgia, I’m not naturally nostalgic. »

Today, on his final lap, he’ll surround himself with his usual collaborators – Mario Dumont, Paul Larocque, Emmanuelle Latraverse, Jean-Marc Léger and Pierre-Olivier Zappa – for a long marathon that promises to be anything but boring, eh we expect surprises and twists.

bosses in jeopardy

“Three of the five leaders are not a guaranteed win in their own driving style,” he recalled, speaking about Liberal Dominique Anglade (Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne), Conservative Éric Duhaime (Chauveau) and PQ player Paul St- Pierre Plamondon (Camille Laurin).

Marie-Anne Lapierre will be in the studio with around forty voters to gather their reactions on the spot.

On site, five journalists will narrate the highlights of the gatherings of the main parties: Claudie Côté will be in Montreal with Quebec solidaire, Maxime Denis will be in Quebec with the Conservative Party of Quebec, Raymond Filion will be in Montréal with the Liberal Party of Quebec, Alain Laforest will be in the old capital with the Coalition Avenir Québec and Julie Marcoux will be in Boucherville with the Parti Québécois.


Nothing was left to chance to refine this election night, rehearsals and tests have been going on since Thursday.

“My role is to be a sponge that sucks up all the information to revitalize my colleagues and journalists on the ground,” said Pierre Bruneau in an interview with the QMI Agency.

In 1976, on its first TVA election night, five parties had managed to elect at least one MP. The result of today’s vote could allow so many political parties to take their place in the Blue Hall of the National Assembly.

“This year there are five formations that have more than 10% of the voting intentions. It’s new. There’s also almost 23% of voters who voted in advance, so there’s real interest in this campaign,” said the 70-year-old man.

In addition to hosting Face-à-face Québec 2022, Pierre Bruneau has toured multiple regions. “As a broadcaster, our goal is to meet people and also talk about regional issues,” he said, recalling that TVA is present in 10 regions.


Pierre Bruneau will moderate Election Night from 6:30 p.m. on LCN and from 7:30 p.m. on TVA and LCN.

His usual collaborators Mario Dumont, Paul Larocque, Emmanuelle Latraverse, Jean-Marc Léger and Pierre-Olivier Zappa surround him on the giant touchscreen.

Patrice Roy will be leading Election Night from 5:55 p.m. on ICI RDI and from 7:30 p.m. on ICI Télé and ICI RDI.

Sébastien Bovet, Alec Castonguay, Manon Cyr, Luc Ferrandez, Chantal Hébert and Régis Labeaume are in the game.

Marie-Christine Bergeron and Michel Bherer will lead the Noovo election night from 7 p.m.

With the participation in particular of Philippe J. Fournier, Sébastien Proulx, Martine St-Victor, Dominic Vallières and Antonine Yaccarini.

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