1676618413 Latest news from Ukraine Russian raids on Bakhmut EU resolution

Latest news from Ukraine. Russian raids on Bakhmut. EU resolution urges jets to be dispatched to Kiev


Green light from Eurochamber for resolution calling for Kiev to provide military assistance “for as long as necessary” and calling on the Commission to “seriously consider the supply of combat aircraft, helicopters, missile systems and an increase in ammunition.” “. Zelenskyy rejects the hypothesis of negotiations with Putin. Joe Biden will give a speech in Warsaw before the first anniversary of the start of the war on February 21: it is the same day that Vladimir Putin’s speech is scheduled

February 17, 2023

Ukraine, mortars hit Russian positions in Bakhmut

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    Tajani: “Xi will give a peace speech on the war anniversary”

    The head of Chinese diplomacy, Wang Yi, “spoke many words of peace” during last night’s meeting in Rome with Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, to whom he said Chinese President “Xi Jinping will deliver a peace speech to mark the first year of the war”.

    The head of the Farnesina said so when I spoke on the radio too. “I hope it puts real pressure on Russia because Beijing has a lot of influence over Moscow,” he added.

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    Wang: Finding a solution acceptable to everyone

    In the face of a complicated situation like the war in Ukraine, we must insist on finding a “solution acceptable to all”. This was said by the Chinese Communist Party’s head of diplomacy, Wang Yi, during his talks with Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani in Rome yesterday.

    “What China has always done is promote peace and negotiations,” Wang said, according to a Chinese diplomatic note released overnight. The more complicated the situation is, “the more political and diplomatic efforts must be made to find a solution acceptable to all parties”.

    Latest news from Ukraine Russian raids on Bakhmut EU resolution

    Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi during the meeting in Farnesina (Ansa)

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    Zelenskyy: “Moscow is attacking us from different fronts, Minsk is not following”

    Russian forces are “already attacking us from different directions”, which means that the feared Russian offensive on the ground has already begun. This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an interview with the BBC, saying he hopes Belarus “does not join the war”. But, Zelensky said, “if it happens, we will fight and survive.”