Latest news on the war in Gaza the impact on

Latest news on the war in Gaza, the impact on Yemen and the Red Sea and reactions

UNRWA accuses Israel, without naming it, of driving the population in the northern Gaza Strip into famine

The representative of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), Philippe Lazzarini, accused Israel this Sunday, without naming him, of leading to starvation for the 300,000 Palestinians who continue to live in the north of the Gaza Strip, where “humanitarian aid is accomplished.” “No longer registered since January 23rd.”

“This is a man-made disaster,” Lazzarini said in his X account, clearly alluding to Israel, which is blocking the access of aid to the north of the Palestinian enclave. In a brief statement, the UNRWA chief said: “Our calls to send food aid were rejected and fell on deaf ears.”

According to Lazzarini, since January 23, the body he leads and other UN agencies have warned “of the impending famine” in northern Gaza, calling for “regular humanitarian access” and stressing that “it is possible to prevent this.” . Fight famine by regularly allowing more food convoys into the northern Gaza Strip. “The world is committed to ensuring that famine does not happen again. Famine can still be avoided through real political will to provide access and protection for meaningful assistance,” Lazzarini said, before concluding that “the coming days will once again test our humanity and our lives. “shared values.”