1708094577 Latest updates on how the former Fiorentina president is doing

Latest updates on how the former Fiorentina president is doing

The health status of the film producer Vittorio Cecchi Gori, who was hospitalized at the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome, is improving but remains in intensive care. This is what is emerging and being reported to the agency today, February 16th Adnkronos health who reported the news in a very dry release with little else added.

The former politician and patron of the Florentinethe press spokesman reported Angelo Perrone During his speech at Storie Italiane, he was due to be taken to hospital for routine check-ups earlier this week. Tests that, however, required hospitalization: the former Viola president was already in the hospital when he suffered respiratory failure Gemelli Polyclinic.

Vittorio Cecchi Gori: How is the former Fiorentina president?

This morning, February 16th, a brief update on the health of Vittorio Cecchi Gori (82 years old), who is not yet in a situation where he can be transferred to the ward.

The film producer had gone because of planned controls Gemelli Polyclinic On Monday, February 12, he had to go for some tests and there he would have noticed a significant deterioration in his health: respiratory failure, which would have put him in the intensive care unit. And that would have forced the medical team and health workers to continuously monitor his condition.

Source: ANSA

Vittorio Cecchi Gori at the time of his legal problems

No to medical bulletins

The Gemelli Polyclinic He also announced that no communications about his health will be published: the information we have therefore comes from the few agency creations and from the public statements made by his ex-wife, the producer Rita Rusic, and his ex-partner, the actress Valeria Marini.

Both are very close to each other Cecchi Gori However, after the ischemia that struck him and which was followed by a coma from which he recovered with no small determination, he is in one after the legal problems he faced and which led to his conviction delicate health situation.

The statements of Valeria Marini, ex-partner

Valeria Marinion Wednesday, February 14, he explained to Adnkronos to stay in touch with the hospital and stay updated Cecchi Goriwith whom he had a long relationship.

“I recently spoke to the doctor who looks after him every day and he told me that Vittorio's condition is improving. They took him to intensive care for his respiratory failure and now he is under control, but luckily I spoke to his doctor and he seemed calmer, let's hope for the best, he is a strong man. If possible, I will visit him later,” explained the presenter and showgirl.

Today the latest information on his health, to which Adnkronos reacts and publishes.

Fiorentina, the vanished dream

In addition to the cinema, the name Vittorio Cecchi Gori was inevitably linked to Fiorentina. From 1993 to 2002 Vittorio Cecchi Gori he was president of the Viola Club; a shared childhood dream that allowed Florence to enjoy unrepeatable football figures.

He was the one who brought Gabriel Batistutaone of the most prolific and admired center forwards of all time, the Portuguese attacking midfielder Rui CostaPass through the Brazilian striker Edmundo. Successes in the transfer market that enabled him to earn money with the team two Italian Cups and a Super Cupeven touching the Scudetto.

The conclusion, however, was sad: Cecchi Gori it was arrested because of Fiorentina's failure and began A long series of legal problems only ended in 2020 with the Supreme Court's decision to sentence him to eight years in prison.


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Vittorio Cecchi Gori remains in intensive care: Latest updates on how the former Fiorentina president is doing Source: ANSA