Laura Van Salazar surprises fans with a skirt from the

Laura Van Salazar surprises fans with a skirt from the net show

Laura Van Salazar surprises fans with a mesh skirt (INSTAGRAM)

Laura Van Salazar surprises fans with a mesh skirt | INSTAGRAM

The valuable Colombian modelLaura Van Salazar, knows full well that her popularity has great potential to keep growing, all thanks to her tremendous beauty, having one of the most attractive toned figures on social networks, so she doesn’t stop sharing some incredible videos and photos .

This time we’ll be looking at a clip he shared on his Instagram Official in which he wears a mini black beach suit and a skirt made with just one networkinstantly enjoyed by netizens who won’t stop watching it.

He has received more than 92,000 likes in a few hours, proof of the attention that his official profile can have on his official profile, which has a growing number of followers that currently has 1.9 million and is almost reaching 2.

In the video we can see that she does not stop showing herself from a balcony and showing the beautiful view that she has of this place, but without a doubt her figure was what most attracted the attention of grateful netizens retired You can continue to enjoy your presence on screen, either on your computer or mobile.

Let’s remember that this piece of entertainment is just a little taste of everything she wants to show us about herself because she still has plans to upload a lot more and become one of the most popular models on the internet if possible.

His conquering attitude and that sweet personality are what make fans happy to appreciate this type of images, they will surely continue to surprise those who consider themselves part of his audience and the new ones who come to be part of it be.


Laura Van Salazar / Instagram

Laura Van Salazar shows her love to her audience with cute videos.

Laura Van Salazar is a very good friend of Daniella Chávez and that is why she has her presence in the comments box, she is in charge of congratulating her on her deliveries and also expressing how beautiful you find her, some beautiful friends that you will continue to see , whenever they have the opportunity to celebrate and share everything with us.

Surely he will continue to receive incredible orders from different brands, it has become a great passion to show how much fun he is and to use these free moments both to work and to relax, balancing his life perfectly .

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