1709492250 Lavrov compares Moldova with Ukraine concerns about the next war

Lavrov compares Moldova with Ukraine concerns about the next war front are growing

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    How safe is Transnistria? Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov caused controversy with statements in which he compared Moldova and Ukraine.

    Moscow – What do these statements by Sergei Lavrov mean and how seriously should they be taken? Russia's foreign minister raised concerns with comments that Moscow could invade the next country after Ukraine.

    The comments by Lavrov, a longtime ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, raised concerns among some on social media about a possible future invasion by Moscow of another European country: Moldova.

    Lavrov links Moldova with Ukraine

    “The regime that is in [der moldauischen Hauptstadt] Chisinau and is following in the footsteps of the Kiev regime,” Lavrov said, translated by Ukrainian official Anton Gerashchenko. “Abolish everything Russian, discriminate against the Russian language in all areas and, together with the Ukrainians, organize serious economic pressure on Transnistria.”

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    Thus, Lavrov accuses the Moldovan government of trying to expel Russian culture from Transnistria and explicitly links it to Ukraine attacked by Russia.

    Lavrov speaks of Moldova as of Ukraine: “We all know what that means”

    Lavrov made the remarks after a meeting between “deputies of all levels” in Transnistria, a breakaway region of the former Soviet Republic of Moldova. At the meeting, officials formally asked Russia for help in the ongoing conflict with the republic, with the region's supreme leader accusing the country of “genocide” against the residents of Transnistria.

    “Somber, but not unexpected,” wrote Russian historian Oleksandr Polianichev in an article X about Lavrov’s comments. Lavrov threatens Moldova “with the fate of Ukraine and describes his government as the 'Chisinau regime'. We all know what that means.”

    Pro-Russian rulers in Transnistria ask Russia for protection

    “Lavrov threatens Moldova,” military blogger Albina Fella also wrote. “We’ve already heard that and see how it ended.” Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Annalena Baerbock also sees parallels between developments in the Republic of Moldova and the start of the war in Ukraine. The Green politician said that we had already seen for years how minorities in eastern Ukraine were exploited by the Russian president in order to prepare for the subsequent war of aggression.

    Russian Foreign Minister: Sergei Lavrov speaking at the United Nations in New York on January 24.Russian Foreign Minister: Sergei Lavrov speaking at the United Nations in New York on January 24. © IMAGO / Pacific Press Agency

    According to media reports, the pro-Russian rulers of Moldova's breakaway region of Transnistria called for “protection” from Russia in a resolution. A congress of the internationally unrecognized breakaway region bordering Ukraine voted in favor of such a request on Wednesday (28 February 2024).

    How does Russia respond to Transnistria's request?

    Transnistria therefore wants to address the Council of the Russian Federation and the State Duma “with a request to implement measures to protect Transnistria, taking into account the growing pressure from Moldova”. What exactly they expect from Russia was initially unclear.

    Lavrov also spoke about a possible direct war between Russia and NATO. He was referring to US Secretary of State Llyod Austin, who had “destroyed” secret American plans for a war between NATO and Russia.