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Lavrov rules out peace talks with Zelenskyy ANSA news agency

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has ruled out talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy “about bizarre peace initiatives to resolve the conflict” because “it is the West and not Ukraine” who will decide on these possible negotiations, which anyway “make no sense” because the West is using Ukraine to establish a “total domain” .

At a press conference in MoscowLavrov said the US and its allies wanted to push through “a final solution” against Russia “like Hitler did for the Jews.” The US has not declared “a partial mobilization” (like Russia), he explained, but a “total mobilization of the entire West” to seek world “domination”. The first target is Russia, he added, “and then comes China, I’m not kidding.” And because of this, Russia-US relations “will not be what they used to be.”. “Things will never be the same again. We warned a long time ago that we said, well folks, there will never be a situation where you lie to us, sign papers and then refuse to implement them.”

As for the possible association of Finland and Sweden with NATO, the head of Moscow diplomacy underscored that if this were to happen, “Russia will take military-technical measures on its side of the border.” That’s what Lavrov argued too Russia hopes that Europe will capitulate
Consideration of the impossibility of “always lying”, also in the question of NATO’s eastward expansion. “I gave the example of the first Ukrainian Maidan in 2004, when official Europe said that Ukraine had to decide whether to be with Europe or with us. That was three years before the Munich speech. Even then, we hoped that reason prevails and that.” Europe has understood that it is impossible to lie all the time, it is impossible, for example, to constantly move NATO eastwards, despite the promises made”.

As for the position of the Italian government, Lavrov replied to a question from ANSA “It was a surprise for us to see how Italy became one of the leaders of the anti-Russian front.” “I like the Italians – he added – they are very similar to the Russians, and the Russians like the Italian way of life. I can’t see them as people who build walls and barriers. The attitude of confrontation (with Russia) imposed on Europe became” and thus also Italy.



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