Lawsuit against SQ No trial until 2024

Lawsuit against SQ: No trial until 2024

Jonathan Bettez, who has been named by police as the prime suspect in the Cédrika Provencher case, will not secure a civil trial against the SQ until 2024.

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The delays surrounding his $10 million lawsuit have dragged on for nearly a year, we learned Monday at the Montreal courthouse as the case was scheduled for a hearing.

And in January 2024 it will not even be the start of the civil process. Rather, the lawyers will debate the sealing and banning of certain documents from publication.

Jonathan Bettez was not physically present, he attended the hearing via video conference.

The Trifluvien has been seeking a whopping $10 million in compensation since filing its lawsuit in 2019. He is suing the Sûreté du Québec, the Quebec Attorney General and the police who arrested him in connection with child pornography.

Jonathan Bettez was cleared of those charges five years ago. The court found that the police searches and searches had been improperly obtained.

16 years after the murder of 9-year-old Cédrika, the police investigation continues, we could hear in the courtroom.

Human remains of Cédrika were discovered in Mauricie in December 2015 in a wooded area along a side road off Highway 40.

Jonathan Bettez’s attorney, Me Jessy Héroux, declined to comment.

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