1709636424 Leading the new controversy Marijuana dispensary exposes it for lack

Leading the new controversy: Marijuana dispensary exposes it for lack of pay

The featherweight division started 2024 in the horns of the moon; with a stable promotion, the announcement of a tour, with his first grammy the possibility of closing it Vina del Mar Festival; But what seemed like the best year of his career has turned into a real nightmare.

First, his relationship with Nicki Nicole ended overnight due to a video in which he appeared hand-in-hand with influencer Sonia Sahar; He later canceled his lecture at Quinta de Vergara due to protests from some Chilean sectors and, as if that were not enough, he faced rumors that this was the case Internship in one Rehabilitation center in his hometown of Jalisco.

Now the young singer is adding a new controversy to his already long history as he is accused from a marijuana dispensary taking multiple items without paying.

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The news was announced on the night of last February 3rd via the Chamonic account. According to the influencer, “The Baby” interpreter traveled to the location in California accompanied by one of his friends. After checking out the store, he prepared to place a mysterious bag on the counter; However, he left the place before making the appropriate payment.

Chamonic also clarified that Peso asked his companion to pay for his purchase, but he also left there without paying.

But that wasn't all, in addition to the allegations, the store leaked one of the videos from its surveillance cameras in which you can see the visit of the Double P singer and they even displayed the pickup receipt with the inscription “not paid”. . , on behalf of Hassan Emilio Kabande.

So far, the Mexican has not commented on this, but has kept a low profile both in the media and on social networks since his separation was announced.

This is the receipt that the store issued and it is in the Mexican singer's name. Photo: Instagram Chamonic

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