Leandro Paredes39 controversial gesture to Yerry Mina after Roma vs

Leandro Paredes' controversial gesture to Yerry Mina after Roma vs. Cagliari

Leandro Paredes39 controversial gesture to Yerry Mina after Roma vs

In the final confrontation between the Roma and that Cagliarian incident between Leandro Paredes j Yerry Mina made headlines. There was a controversial exchange between the two players during the game, which ended in a resounding 4-0 win for Roma. Paredes, Roma midfielder, and Mina, Cagliari defender, had a clash that ended with a provocative gesture from Paredes, which was widely commented on and criticized on social networks and in the media.

The gesture after a foul by Paredes on Mina not only reflects the intensity of the game, but also revives old rivalries that remind fans of the famous “Look how I eat you” from Dibu Martínez to Mina at the Copa América 2021 remind. This incident adds another chapter to the history of confrontations between both players.

Which teams did Leandro Paredes play on?

Leandro ParedesThe Argentine native has had a remarkable international career. Before moving to Roma, Paredes played for several clubs, initially excelling at Boca Juniors, his home country. His talent then took him to Europe, where he played for Chievo Verona and Empoli in Italy, before making a name for himself with Zenit Saint Petersburg in Russia. His skills in midfield and his ability to control the tempo of the game led to him returning to Italy to join Roma, where he is now a key player.

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Which teams did Yerry Mina play on?

Yerry MinaHe started his career in Colombia with Deportivo Pasto and then moved to Santa Fe where he gained prominence. His performance took him to Palmeiras in Brazil. At this club he continued to distinguish himself as one of the most promising defenders in South America. This caught Barcelona's attention. He spent a short stay in this team before moving to Everton FC in the English Premier League. Mina recently moved to Cagliari in the Italian Serie A. The aim is to establish herself in one of the most competitive leagues in the world.

How have Paredes and Mina developed in their national teams?

Leandro Paredes He has become an indispensable figure for the Argentine national team: he plays a crucial role in the conquest of the 2021 Copa América. His ability to direct the game from midfield has made him an important player for his national team.

On the other hand, Yerry Mina He excelled in the Colombia national team and gained global recognition during the 2018 World Cup thanks to his scoring prowess as a defender. His impact was remarkable: he demonstrated his influence and leadership skills at major international tournaments. Both have proven to be indispensable talents for their respective teams; In addition, they are distinguished by their decisive contributions on the international stage.

When is Cagliari's next game?

The next game from Cagliari On Saturday, February 10th, at 9:00 a.m. (Peruvian time) we face Lazio Rome in matchday 24 of the Italian Serie A. This team needs a win to get out of the bottom of the table.