1667452685 Leao Butron shoots against Jean Ferrari he attacks Alianza to

Leao Butrón “shoots” against Jean Ferrari: he attacks Alianza to look good with his fans

Leao Butron shoots against Jean Ferrari he attacks Alianza to

JeanFerrari caused controversy after some statements in which he justified that the Star 27 did not arrive at the Universitario de Deportes because they did not have the “alliance wallet”. Those words didn’t fit well in a sector of the puffy cream, nor in the Alliance store.

Hence, Leao Butronone of his speakers, gave his impressions of what the merengue administrator said.

“Do you know what’s happening? I’ll say it with great respect, it seems he’s attacking Alianza to look good on the fans (of the ‘U’) whatever. It happened on the subject of classics when he asked for the suspension (of Matute) when he said that the women’s team would beat the Alianza team. He always compares,” says the 45-year-old exporter.

“Now compare (what about the wallet), but not everything has to do with money. There’s also a management issue, now we’ve analyzed the five of Alianza’s defenses and impliedly (for money reasons) they could be from the ‘U’,” he added.

Ferrari blames journalist

Giancarlo Granda, a journalist from GolPerú, spoke after Ferrari’s statements about economic power Alliance of Lima and the creams compared with Sport Huancayo.

“Sport Huancayo doesn’t have a big wallet and had a better tournament. I think that in Universitario, to correct mistakes, one should start by analyzing what has been done well and what has not, so that on that basis one can think about 2023,” the communicator said on Twitter.

Against this background, Jean Ferrari did not remain silent and reacted forcefully to the sports spokesman. “We had a bad opening (we were ninth), we corrected it and ended up fourth. Sport Huancayo finished seventh or eighth but fourth overall and we fifth. I don’t know what his budget is, and I don’t think you do either. How easy it is to comment without being informed. Anything for a like,” said the Universitario administrator.