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Lebanon condemns Israel’s attack and aggressive actions against Syria

The Lebanese MP called for a position from the United Nations and the international community condemning the aggressive nature of the Zionist entity.

Hashim denounced the policy of double standards that allowed Tel Aviv to evade decisions and moral pacts.

In a statement, he opposed the continuation of Israel’s violent crackdown, which threatens security and stability in the region and the world.

In that line of condemnation, MP Melhem Al-Hujairi described the criminal action as a new chapter in brutal Zionist crime and terrorism spreading from Palestine to Syria.

Al-Hujairi added that this time the military escalation comes after the avalanche of solidarity of free peoples and countries towards Damascus after the devastating earthquake to break the unjust US blockade.

“Israel is trying to emerge from its disastrous internal reality in the face of sharp divisions, conflicts and disagreements ravaging the components of this usurping entity,” the lawmaker added.

The parliamentarian called for the support of the peoples of the world and, under the protection of Washington, to support just Arab causes and deter Zionist aggression.

Last night, Israel launched a rocket salvo attack from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan against a number of points in and around the city of Damascus, including residential neighborhoods populated by civilians.