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Lebanon Launches Campaign To Plant One Million Trees By 2024

The agency confirmed that the initiative runs until March 1, 2024 and one of its goals is to encourage citizens to plant fruit trees in all regions to support the country’s commitments under the Paris Agreement.

In Horsh Beirut City Park, the headline emphasized that trees mainly contribute to reducing carbon dioxide in the air and play a key role in curbing global warming and its impact on the environment.

Yassin urged all Lebanese to step up efforts to plant trees on abandoned land, in gardens and in common spaces.

Lebanon committed to planting 20 million trees by 2030 in the Paris Agreement, and to date the equivalent of four million have been planted by conservation groups and governments.

An electronic application will allow all Lebanese To their contribution of one million trees by March 2024 by recording location, date of planting and a photo.

The activity was attended by authorities from the Ministry of Agriculture, directors of nature reserves and a number of Lebanese associations and authorities involved in reforestation and nature conservation.