Leci Brandao is hospitalized with circulatory problems

Leci Brandão is hospitalized with circulatory problems

The singer and state representative of São Paulo, Leci Brandão, was hospitalized in São Paulo this Saturday (20) with circulatory problems. She is one of the most important samba singers in the country and is 79 years old.

Leci BrandaoLeci underwent angioplasty in 2023 Photo: Carlos Torres / Disclosure / ND

According to the samba singer and parliamentarian, she was undergoing a routine checkup when vascular problems were discovered. Therefore, the doctors decided to admit her for treatment.

According to the press office, one of the great voices of samba is in stable health and doing well.

Health of Leci Brandão

In 2023 Leci He underwent angioplasty, a surgery to open an artery in his leg. There is currently no prognosis for discharge due to the new hospitalization.