Lee Sun Gyun39s agency warns of legal action against malicious

Lee Sun Gyun's agency warns of legal action against malicious rumors and reports

On January 3, late actor Lee Sun Kyun's agency announced its intention to take legal action against the spread of false information.

Hello. This is HODU&U Entertainment.

Recently, our agency realized that rumors and misinformation were circulating about our agency's actors.

We started collecting relevant data and at the same time decided to take legal action. In the future, we will take decisive action against all situations in which false information is spread.

Furthermore, we express our deepest regret over the malicious and indiscreet reports by some media outlets over the past three months about the late actor Lee Sun Gyun.

We hoped that the truth would come out by the end through a fair police investigation, but since we are no longer able to do that, we would like to correct the facts one by one.

As a result, on January 2nd, HODU&U Entertainment sued the reporter who reported false information as if it were fact on the night of December 27th, 2023. We ask the reporter to apologize sincerely and to participate diligently in the following legal proceedings.

We would like to ask you for one more favor. Since the investigation is ongoing and not yet completed, we were inevitably unable to respond to all interviews. Against this background, we ask you to correct or delete all articles and all posts that have been published online without fact checking or from unclear sources and therefore ask you again to act quickly.

HODU&U Entertainment will continue to do its best to ensure that our agency's actors can work in a stable environment. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you very much.