Legault accuses unions of refusing to negotiate

Legault accuses unions of refusing to negotiate

François Legault on Saturday morning accused the unions of halting negotiations on the working conditions of workers in the health and education sectors.

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“I could understand if the government wanted to cut salaries or working conditions for nurses and teachers. But it’s the opposite, we want to improve their conditions!” the Prime Minister of Quebec wrote in a Facebook post.

In his opinion, many changes are needed, such as greater flexibility in collective agreements.

“What we want to offer nurses is that those who work evenings or weekends are paid better and that with such a high salary or with more vacation time, they can work less,” he adds.

The aim is also to get nurses who work in the private sector back into the public service.

“At the same time, we understand the nurses who keep the public grid at bay because they don’t want to lose their services. We have to find solutions that are profitable for everyone and for that we have to discuss,” the publication says.

Mr Legault also discussed the solutions he proposes for the education sector.

“For example, we would like to use more staff in difficult classes to help the teachers. It could be educators who finally have full-time schedules for those who want them,” he continued.

The solution, according to the Prime Minister, is openness and discussion on the part of the trade unions.

“If the union leaders agreed to change their stance, get out of their lockdown logic and discuss with us to change things, things would move faster. It would be better for Quebecers and it would be better for nurses and teachers,” he said.

Québec Solidaire spokesman Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois accused François Legault of amplifying anti-union public opinion.

“Instead of bickering on Facebook, he should be listening to the local people. If the CAQ had all the solutions, the health and education situation would not have deteriorated. But no, the Prime Minister continues to accuse everyone of being wrong except him,” he said.

“Bialing on social media will not solve any problem. It will not advance negotiations. Our schools and our hospitals are in critical condition, we have no time to waste. The prime minister’s job is to work with local people to improve their working conditions. Let him do it,” he added.