L39Eredita Storm over Gianluca39s Guillotine Can we say quickly

L'Eredità, Storm over Gianluca's Guillotine: “Can we say quickly?”

FOR THE'Estate Controversy arises over the final guillotine. In the episode that aired tonight, Monday, February 26, the protagonist is actually Gianluca who took out the champion Maria Grace. And so he sat down in the most prestigious seat on the quiz show hosted by Marco Liorni to find the mysterious word. And the key words here were: leader, scroll, queue, answer, successor.

Gianluca threw himself into the “series”, but the winning move came “quickly”. However, someone on Twitter, who, like thousands of viewers, commented on the live episode, expressed serious doubts: “But since when can you win with an adjective on the guillotine? Usually it’s a noun.”

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An objection from the viewer, which was also expressed by other users who asked for explanations. In reality, this is not the first time this has happened and there would be some precedents. In fact, viewers had doubts about another adjective, “fast.” And that's why those watching the episode at home didn't notice the lack of a “noun” to complete the chain of clue words. But you know, every night at L'Eredità someone finds a way to raise a case. At least until the next guillotine.

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