L39Eredita the suspicion on social media quotSee what questions you

L'Eredità, the suspicion on social media: "See what questions you ask Antonella?"

The legacy is Rai Uno's flagship quiz show, starring the new helmsman, Marco Liorni, sets new stock records. And like “Reazione a Catena”, the show has actually become a cult event on social media. Viewers look forward to anticipating the participants' answers. Then they also try to foreshadow the final reaction of the guillotine, the climax of every game of The Legacy.

But actually me Social They also follow the smaller games of the program, here the classics, and comment on each participant's answer, but also the questions chosen by the users. And so, during the episode airing tonight, Monday, January 8, someone noticed a disparity in the questions asked of the rival competitors. A user on

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And apparently the objection was confirmed by other viewers who commented on the episode live on social media. “I noticed that too,” another user replied. And then there are those who boast with iron certainty: “No, no, that’s exactly how it is.” Finally, however, another viewer expresses doubts: “In my opinion, the opponent’s questions don’t seem to be that impossible.” In short said, again the legacy sparks the debate with tweets.

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