Leticia Spillers current husband was attacked for his yellowed appearance

Letícia Spiller’s current husband was attacked for his yellowed appearance and teeth; Outbreak was done

In light of the attacks, Letícia Spiller’s husband has issued a statement and revealed everything he thinks

Married to the actress leticia spiller six years ago the musician Pablo rodsHe used social networks this Sunday (02) to make an overwhelming outburst and counter criticism of his performance. According to the artist, he receives messages from many people badmouthing his hair, beard and even his smile.

“How about everyone minding their own business? I take care of my teeth, they are naturally yellowed and a bit crooked, so what? If one day I think this is a problem, thank god it has a solution. Your problem of interfering in other people’s lives is difficult, see?” he said over a video shared to Instagram stories.

Also, in another publication, Letícia Spiller’s husband told how he deals with haters. “Don’t let others erase your smile,” he explained.

Pablo Vares, husband of Letícia Spiller  Photo: ReproductionPablo Vares, husband of Letícia Spiller Photo: Reproduction


Before starting the relationship with her current husband, Letícia Spiller was married to Marcelo Novaes from 1995 to 2006, an association where the two had a son, Pedro Novaes. The boy, who has already worked on television, impresses by showing that he has grown up and is now a man.

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In his profile on Instagram, the boy shares several photos and makes the ladies drool over the beauty. Pedro Novaes is now considered one of the most handsome guys in Brazil and shirtless photos always generate high engagement.

Leticia Spillers current husband was attacked for his yellowed appearancePedro Novaes (Photo: Reproduction)

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