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Levante: “I didn’t want to be a mother, after the birth of Alma Futura I didn’t recognize myself anymore”

Levante guest at Verissimo speaks on the theme of motherhood, lived between light and shadow, brought to the stage of Sanremo 2023. “The postpartum depression ends, we are reborn stronger,” he asserts. “But once I didn’t think about a daughter, I was very focused on myself. In the last year I have felt fragile.”

Levante I didnt want to be a mother after the

Levant is a guest at Verissimo by Silvia Toffanin, after her return to the stage Sanremo 2023. An important, even fundamental, return to artistic and human self-discovery after the birth of her first daughter, Alma Futura. On stage at the festival, she spoke about a sensitive subject like postpartum depression, which, as she explains today, might not have been fully understood. What matters most, however, is her personal victory in rediscovering herself first and foremost as a woman and as an artist.

A summary of the return to Sanremo 2023

“I regret the low presence of women on the podium, but in general I think that among 28 artists there were only a few women,” Levante explains on the subject of total female absence in the winners five of this sanremo. “The theme that won was love: grieving men and fighters,” he admits with a touch of displeasure. “Those who have tackled different topics like I have not hit the mark,” he adds. Despite a not particularly lucky place in the table, it was still a great victory. “I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to, I haven’t been on stage since 2021,” he admits.

I questioned so many things about myself. In the past year I have felt extremely fragile. This phase put me to the test with myself. In fact, after the performance, I went backstage and cried all my tears. I had recovered.

Alma Futura’s new life as a mother

The artist brought a very intimate and personal theme to the festival, that of postpartum depression. “It was a tough moment, the topic is often trivialized, maybe my song will be understood sooner or later. I no longer recognized myself in my head or in my body‘ explains Levante. “But I would like to assure all mothers, present or future, you will emerge from this darkness, you will be reborn and you will become stronger.” It is motherhood explored in all its lights and shadows that Levante confronts in direct awareness. “I didn’t want to be a mother, I was very focused on myself, I never imagined the future. But it was the right choice that I could make,” he explains to Verissimo. To those who argue that Vivo is too circumscribed a song, he explains, “It’s not a feminist song, it never references any genre, it’s a song for everyone.”

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