1704280223 LG presents its new range of OLED TVs 2024 B4

LG presents its new range of OLED TVs 2024 (B4, C4, G4 and M4): here are all the changes you should know – Frandroid

Just before the excitement of CES 2024, LG Electronics is giving us a taste of its latest advances with the B4, C4, G4 and M4 OLED TVs.

LG presents its new range of OLED TVs 2024 B4LG M4 in an apartment worthy of a Google Meet wallpaper // Source: LG Electronics

Every year, LG Electronics renews its invitation to discover the latest advances in OLED TVs. The 2024 models B4, C4, G4 and M4 are no exception. Ahead of CES 2024, we reviewed the available information.

No major developments on the G4 and M4 ranges

For technology enthusiasts and lovers of image quality, the G4 and M4 models (with wireless connection box) are the right choice. These two areas benefit from this MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology.a microlens filter that even surpasses Samsung's QD-OLED in terms of brightness.

In 2024, the size of MLA-compatible screens will expand to 83 inches from 77 inches last year. The G4 models, LG's flagship model, promise to be up to 150% brighter than the B4 at peak times and maintain around 70% higher overall brightness. comparable to that of 2023. To summarize this long paragraph: No significant change in brightness in 2024 for the G and M ranges.

1704280220 641 LG presents its new range of OLED TVs 2024 B4LG M4… why isn't he sitting next to his friend? // Source: LG Electronics

144 Hz for the C4

As for the C series, the C4 model will continue to delight many users despite the lack of MLA technology (however, they have Evo and OLED-EX technology). The MLA continues to be available exclusively for the G4 and M4 series.

In 2024 the C4 series introduces a 144Hz refresh rate. The 42- and 48-inch models will benefit from increased brightness, a significant improvement over last year. In fact, the 42- and 48-inch models lagged behind on a technical level. Samsung Electronics also mentions improved brightness on the C4s, but without giving any technical details.

A nice step into the upper price range on the B4

The B4 series, in turn, becomes more attractive with the introduction four HDMI 2.1 ports, which reduces the distance to the C series. Although 144Hz is not supported as it is limited to 120Hz, it remains a solid option for most applications, especially current gaming consoles. In addition, the B4 series is being expanded for the first time to include a 48-inch model (and up to 77 inches). Good news for this area.

Finally, the A-series, with its cheaper 60Hz OLED, probably won't be available this year. LG Electronics certainly needs to concentrate its efforts due to the production efficiency of OLED panels, as LG Display sells them to everyone (Panasonic, Sony, Samsung Electronics, Philips, etc.).

ModelDisplay typeprocessorMaximum refresh rateHDMI 2.1 portssizes
LG B4OLEDAlpha 8120Hz448, 55, 65, 77″
LG C4OLED Evo (OLED EX)Alpha 9 Generation 7144Hz442, 48, 55, 65, 77, 83″
LG G4OLED Evo + MLA (55-83″)Alpha 11144 Hz (55-83 inches)455, 65, 77, 83″
97″ (without MLA)
LG M4OLED Evo + MLA (55-83″)Alpha 11144 Hz (55-83 inches)355, 65, 77, 83″
97″ (without MLA)

Data in the table includes display type, processor, maximum refresh rate, number of HDMI 2.1 ports, and diagonal sizes available for each model.

Don't walk away too quickly: here is the Alpha 11 processor

Think you've read everything about LG OLED 2024? There is more to say. LG has introduced its Alpha 11 processor in its G4 and M4 models.

This new processor promises a significant increase in performance with 4x more AI processing capacity, 1.7x more graphics performance and 1.3x more computing power than its predecessor. These performance improvements will help with the AI ​​Super Upscaling engine, dynamic HDR tone mapping, and AI Director processing. Over and beyond, It also manages to process DRM-protected contenta notable improvement over the Alpha 9.

On the audio side, the Alpha 11 features its voice remastering feature to clarify dialogue and its ability to virtualize 11.1.2 channel audio from a standard source. This processor also has all the audio features of the Alpha 9 used in the C4, while the B4 benefits from a new Alpha 8 chip.

A new filmmaker mode… but who knows?

In 2024, LG will introduce Filmmaker Mode for Dolby Vision. This mode promises an immersion in the film that is more in line with the creators' original vision. Although details are still sparse, this feature adds to the long list of benefits of the new models. Of course, LG's 2024 OLED TVs retain all of the popular features of the 2023 models, including support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, compatibility with DTS audio, Wowcast for wireless audio connection with compatible soundbars, and support for VRR, HDMI 2.1 QMS and the Gaming part that now includes the ability to switch between 120 and 144 Hz.

webOS 24 and software engagement

LG TVs from 2024 are preparing to integrate webOS 24, the latest update to their in-house operating system. Although there are still few details, LG is making a strong promise: 5 years of software updates for TVs from 2024 as well as some OLED models from 2022 and 2023. This update commitment is unprecedented for LG and ensures users a longer one Lifetime of your device new future functions.

With webOS 24, LG enriches the connected ecosystem of its televisions through the integration of Chromecast. This feature complements existing Apple AirPlay 2 compatibility for streaming content from Android and iOS devices. Users can easily share videos, photos and music from their mobile devices to their LG TV. In addition, the integration of Matter, the “new” universal standard for the smart home, is the first building blocks of the new domestic ecosystem. Let's assume that the year 2023 was timid in the implementation of this standard, which is intended to simplify everything.

Obviously, many details about the announcements, prices and availability are missing. In any case, we can't wait to see the first observations on performance improvement. Let's note the significant improvements in the B4 series, which is very good for our portfolio.

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