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With more than 200 awards and recognitions, LG continues its long tradition of winning awards at the world's largest annual consumer technology trade show

SOUL, South Korea, Jan. 25, 2024 /CNW/ – At this year's CESMD, LG Electronics (LG) received more than 200 awards and recognitions for a wide range of innovations and technologies in the home appliance, home entertainment and business-to-business categories ( B2B).

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LG's SIGNATURE OLED T TV, the world's first wireless transparent 4K TV, has received countless “Best TV” or “Best Product of the Show” awards from numerous media outlets.

Building on its reputation as a global leader in OLED technology, LG continues to assert its dominance at CES by taking home major industry awards for its latest line of OLED TVs, including the aforementioned SIGNATURE OLED TV T as well as the M4, G4 and C4 and Awards Receives OLED evo TV: LG's 77-inch SIGNATURE OLED T TV features the wireless technology introduced in last year's M3 TV and is considered the next step in the evolution of OLED TV technology. He has been recognized by major technology publications such as CNET, Digital Trends, TechRadar, Tom's Guide, Forbes, The Verge, Wirecutter, PCMag and Mashable.

LG's OLED evo series, with a new 144Hz refresh rate and LG's Alpha11 AI processor, also received praise from CNET, TechRadar Pro, PCGamer and BGR. Additionally, Digital Trends included LG's UltraGear OLED 32GS95UE gaming monitor in its list of the best monitors shown at CES2024, highlighting its unique ability to switch between 4K 240 Hz and Full HD 480 Hz at the touch of a button.

LG has also been praised by leading publications such as USA Today and Tom's Guide for its new all-in-one washer-dryer combo with Heatpump™ heat pump technology. A testament to LG's commitment to a greener world, the new washer-dryer combo uses 60% less energy than a drain model1. This state-of-the-art appliance is widely known for its compact, vent-free design and its ability to complete a wash and dry cycle in under two hours.

Winner of the Reviewed Accessibility Awards at CES2024, LG's UP Universal Kit includes a range of innovative device accessories and add-ons and embodies the principles of universal design. This kit has been specifically designed to make it easier for people with physical limitations to use household appliances. It was also named one of the Best Home Design Products at CES2024 by Apartment Therapy.

The Consumer Technology Association's (CTA) CES Innovation Awards program alone helped LG win 34 innovation awards at CES, including two Best of Innovation Awards for its transparent OLED T TV. 4K and for its 83-inch 4K Zero Connect (M4) OLED TV.

The approximately 200 awards and accolades LG received at CES2024 include the following:

LG SIGNATURE OLED T TV (77-inch model)

  • CNET: Best TVs of CES 2024
  • Digital Trends: Best Technology Award at CES 2024
  • PCMag: The Biggest (and Coolest) TVs at CES 2024
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  • The Verge: The Verge Awards at CES 2024 – Best in Show
  • CNN Underscored: The Best of CES 2024 – Best TV
  • NBC News: The Best of CES 2024
  • Fox News: The 10 Best Technologies of CES 2024
  • The Hollywood Reporter: Best of CES 2024 – Best OLED TV
  • Variety: The Best of CES 2024 – Best 4K TV
  • Popular Science: The Best New Gadgets and Tech from CES 2024
  • Rolling Stone: The Best of CES 2024

LG OLED TVs (M4, G4, C4 and B4)

  • Tom's Guide: The best TVs at CES 2024 – LG OLED evo G4
  • Rated: Rated Prices: CES 2024 – OLED evo G4 from LG
  • TechRadar Pro: 2024 selection – LG OLED evo M4
  • Tech Advisor: The best of CES 2024 – LG's OLED B4
  • Gear Patrol: The coolest TVs and monitors presented at CES 2024 – OLED evo G4 and C4 and LG OLED B4


  • Tom's Guide: The Best TVs of CES 2024 – LG 98-inch QNED TVs
  • Home technology today: Thoughts and superlatives from CES 2024 – LG 98-inch QNED television

LGgram Pro laptops

  • Digital Trends: The Best and Most Exciting Laptops of CES 2024 – LG gram Pro
  • Back: The best laptops announced at CES 2024 – LG Gram Pro 2 in 1
  • Laptop Mag: The Best of CES 2024 – Best 2-in-1 Product LG Gram Pro 2 in 1
  • Live Science: CES 2024: The Best Laptops for Coding and Programming – LG Gram Pro 2 in 1

LG CineBeam Qube Projector

  • PCMag: The Best of CES 2024 – Best Projector
  • WIRED: The Best of CES 2024 – Best Home Theater
  • Gizmodo: The best, coolest, and weirdest gadgets at CES 2024
  • Yanko Design: The Best of CES 2024

LG UltraGear OLED gaming monitor

  • Digital Trends: Best Monitors at CES 2024
  • Back: The most spectacular gaming monitors at CES 2024
  • The Shortcut: The Shortcut CES 2024 Pricing
  • Windows Central: The Best of CES 2024 – Best Gaming Monitor

The device combines an all-in-one washer dryer with LG Heatpump heat pump technology

  • Reviewed: Reviewed Awards: CES 2024
  • Tom's Guide: The Best Smart Home Gadgets from CES 2024 – Best Smart Devices
  • Tom's Guide: The Best of CES 2024 – The Best Devices for the Home
  • Good Housekeeping: The coolest gadgets at CES 2024

LG Smart Home AI Agent

  • Reviewed: CES 2024 – The nine new gadgets you should definitely see
  • Mashable: The best of CES 2024
  • The Washington Post: The best (and weirdest) technology we found at CES 2024
  • T3: Best of CES 2024 Award – The best technologies at this year’s trade fair according to T3

For more information about LG's awards and recognitions at CES2024 and to learn more about LG's products at CES, visitLG Newsroom.

About LG Electronicsinc.

LG Electronics is a global innovator in technology and consumer electronics. The company is represented in almost all countries and employs more than 74,000 people worldwide. LG's four business divisions – home appliances and air quality systems, home entertainment, vehicle components and business solutions – collectively generated global revenue of more than KRW 84 trillion in 2023. LG is a leading manufacturer of consumer and commercial products ranging from televisions to home appliances, air quality solutions, monitors, robotic maintenance and automotive components. Its premium brands LG SIGNATURE and LG ThinQ are well-known names worldwide. Visit www.LGnewsroom.com for the latest news.

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