Libra, a Saturday full of surprises lies ahead of you: today’s horoscope, February 18

Blackbeard’s horoscope for today, Saturday, February 17

Aries. 21/3 – 20/4

At the urging of Jupiter, the Moon in Aquarius solves a work problem thanks to a brilliant idea and the complicity of a colleague. beautiful love Brilliant, sociable and kind. Exuberant mood, creative inspiration to implement.

Bull. 21/4 – 20/5

Something in the home is not working the way you want it to or maybe others expect you to. Expect some clashes with friends. In the uniqueness of this rhythm, don’t get caught up in trivialities. Keep your feet on the ground.

Twins. 21/5 – 21/6

Fantastic atmosphere for the beautiful moon and multitude of stars that accompany it. Helps to quickly complete commitments and dedicate to free time. Couple life and friendships can be combined with a group outing, a visit to the cinema or a party. travel, business.

Cancer. 22/6 – 22/7

A work situation might open up unexpectedly or find solutions that make it easier to meet your new needs. Conduct all negotiations intelligently without being intrusive.

Lion. 23/7 – 23/8

The Moon is in opposition accompanied by Mercury. You’ll see clearly that disagreements are old scripts that keep coming back. You can change the way you relate by being more open to dialogue and listening.

Virgo. 24/8 – 22/9

You will not lack momentum to overcome obstacles and setbacks in one jump. You are skilled, you can. Decide what you need to do. Ideas, suggestions and insights are at your disposal. Leave the daily struggles aside.

Balance. 23.9. – 22.10

What a positive contribution thanks to Mercury and the Moon! You have a Saturday full of surprises and very pleasant human contacts ahead of you. Job and emotional satisfaction thanks to a good mix of energy and tolerance.

Scorpio. 23.10. – 22.11

You can benefit from a discreet practical sense: this allows you to understand in the blink of an eye which step is the best and move in time. Curb bad thoughts and focus on your tasks. The job gives you satisfaction.

Protect. 23.11. – 21.12

Innovative projects to do in groups, shows, conferences not to be missed and unexpected praise that fills you with enthusiasm. Inspired day to more freedom of thought and action. Light and confident mood.

Capricorn. 22.12. – 20.1

Try to keep an open mind about the business news that is emerging around you. Social life is cheerful and lively. If you have to, it’s better to take a risk than to be left with the regret of not taking the risk.

Aquarium. 21.1. – 19.2

Opportunities for professional success begin. Sizable variations that provide satisfaction and serenity. Love is happy for couples where attraction and harmony are stable. Good time for artists.

Fish. 20/2 – 20/3

Work and business score points: You are competent and convincing, good opportunities are within reach. Play your game! Someone among the singles could get caught between two fires and not know what to do: postpone the decision