Libra Todays Horoscope February 17 2023 Take this opportunity to

Libra, Today’s Horoscope February 17, 2023: Take this opportunity to say what you have in store

Advice Your horoscope for this Friday and see what the predictions are for love, health and more.

Lb, Your horoscope tells us that Mercury sextile Jupiter in the 7th house gives you a special ability with words, which not only allows you to express yourself clearly, but also to convince you of what you are proposing.

forecast of the day

The Moon in the 4th house can inspire frustration and pessimism, but this will only be a temporary sensation. Relax and take time to rest and take it easy. Better days will come soon.


The excess of emotionality that fills your heart can cloud your view of people and circumstances. Look for an artistic expression that allows you to let your feelings run free and thereby put your inner world in order.

Infusions to energize and cleanse body, mind and soul


This time when your health is at its best is an excellent time to give your body the attention it needs. Any investment you make in your health will be generously appreciated by Jupiter going forward.


You have the opportunity to make yourself noticed through your commitment in your work. Even if it’s well-deserved, seize the moment wisely and don’t get carried away by the boastfulness and selfish pride that only get in the way of your path to success.


In order to grow your wealth at this point, you must dare to take calculated risks, look for investment opportunities that you have not explored before, but research them thoroughly before investing all your money in them.

few prediction

You are at the right time to find the love of your life with whom you can build a home that gives you the emotional stability you need to continue working on your transformation into the best version of yourself.


Love: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Friendship: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Labor: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces
sexual energy: good

Advice of the day

You must seize the blessings of this day, engage in dialogue you have avoided out of fear, and dare to speak the truth that you have kept in your throat.

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