1674944961 Lionel Messi would have a replacement at PSG Mbappe would

Lionel Messi would have a replacement at PSG: Mbappé would have asked a Manchester City star

Lionel Messi would have a replacement at PSG Mbappe would

Given Messi’s possible play and the fact that he won’t be signed with PSG, according to the English press, Mbappé would have a specific request for the lead: Bernardo Silva.

Lionel Messi is about to wrap up his second season and possibly his last at PSG. In recent weeks it has been revealed that the Argentine would not have planned to renew his relationship with the Parisians and in this scenario Kylian Mbappé would have asked the leadership to sign an old acquaintance with whom he has joined a team at AS Monaco in the Ligue shared 1 and currently plays for Manchester City: midfielder Bernardo Silva.

The Portuguese would be a possible target for Paris Saint-Germain ahead of Messi’s likely game in June. According to The Sun, Mbappé would have asked the French team’s owners to secure the transfer of his former teammate.

However, Bernardo Silva’s signing wouldn’t be easy as PSG would have to pay almost €100m for him to leave Manchester City.

When does Lionel Messi’s contract at PSG end?

Lionel Messi joined PSG in mid-2021 after leaving Barcelona. The Rosario signed a two-year contract and his bond expires in June 2023.

However, the Argentine has an option to extend his stay in Paris for another year. At Paris Saint-Germain they want to have the “10” of the Argentine team longer to achieve all possible titles.

With Lionel Messi: when does PSG play?

PSG play the team from Reims this Sunday January 29 for the 20th date of Ligue 1 2022-23. The French league game can only be seen on Star Plus.