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Lip volume injections are very trendy. What are the most frequently asked questions in the clinic?

During consultations, mature women tell me that they would like to have more volume on their lips again, but they are very afraid that it will look like a caricature. Older women ask me a lot of questions about this topic, they are very hesitant because what they mainly see are young women who have opted for a lot of volume and very full lips thanks to injections. I want to demystify these fears of readers, dispel them, because you can get there gradually to have full control over your appearance!

“Ladies, you need to know that YOU are in control of what you want. The result can be quite subtle. The appearance of the lips can be easily increased, the lips can appear more moisturized and more defined. In no case will you be forced to a very obvious result. With a trust injector you have full control over the outcome. The person who cares about you will take the time to listen to you to understand what you want. »

What are the steps for those who want to get started?

First of all, you need to make an appointment. Before the first lip filler treatment, a consultation takes place to determine the next steps together. We need to complete the medical file, then you will meet the clinic doctor. Here we work with Dr. Colin and Dr. Pinard together; We must consult a doctor to obtain the prescription of the file. An appointment will then be made for the first lip enlargement treatment.

Lip Volume Injections What If This Was for YouLip Volume Injections What If This Was for YouThe before and after result thanks to voluminous lip injections.

How does the first date go?

The client is interviewed to determine the purpose of the intervention. I ask her to look in the mirror and tell me what is bothering her. Is it the small vertical wrinkles that appear around the mouth over the years? Loss of lip volume (thin lips)? Lack of upper lip definition, lip contour? What I often hear from women in their 40s, 50s or 60s is, above all, that they want to find their “before” mouth, beautiful, fuller lips. For older clients, we move away from intense volume and are asked to rework the shape of the lips to find the original structure rather than exaggerate the contours.

For my more concerned clients, I will prefer to use less and inject in a different way. I will adapt to the customer's wishes to ensure his complete satisfaction.

Are there any health contraindications?

Yes, but they are still quite rare. If the patient suffers from a serious illness, cancer or other diseases, has a serious medical history or is taking certain medications, lip volume injections may be contraindicated. In general, this little help is within everyone's reach.

Is it a painful procedure?

The lips are the part that is a little more delicate and sensitive. Before the injection, we apply an anesthetic cream that freezes the treated area well. I use fine needles to redefine the lips. Once the procedure is complete, it no longer hurts.

How long does it take until the optimal result is visible?

Immediately after the lip injection, there is a slight swelling, a slight swelling. The result is therefore minimally worsened, but not intensified. There are no bruises; Some customers may experience very mild symptoms the next day. However, it can be easily camouflaged with a little foundation and lipstick. We will see the final result 2 to 3 weeks later.

1706379146 972 Lip Volume Injections What If This Was for You1706379146 972 Lip Volume Injections What If This Was for YouThe before/after result of a customer at St-Laurent Médico-Esthétique.

How often are procedures to maintain lip volume performed?

The client should plan to return to the clinic approximately twice a year. If she decides to stop after a few years, it will have no effect on her face. Your lips will be back to what they were, neither worse nor better! It's a bit like stopping using a cream. Women will not notice any distortions in their body shape.

As with everything, moderation is the secret. In the hospital St-Laurent Medical AestheticsThis is our mission: to provide women with high-quality medical-aesthetic care using state-of-the-art technologies at an affordable price.

Our approach is to use our care and good taste to restore the self-confidence of women who desire it. Several clients confess to me that they were afraid at the first appointment because they thought that they would be offered very volumizing injectables, in short, a series of procedures that would change them forever.

Ladies, a little tip: If you come out of a consultation and have needs that you didn't have before you came in, you are not in the right clinic.

Take the time to find someone you trust completely because your face matters. If you choose medical aesthetic treatments, also take the time to find a trustworthy partner who will bring out your natural beauty. The goal is not to make the woman appear younger, but to increase her size.

What do your customers say when they come out of lip volumizing injections?

Most importantly, they tell me it doesn't hurt as much as they thought. They are happy to see that their fears were unfounded and that their lips are fuller without looking exaggerated. Above all, they tell me: “So I should have done that sooner!”.

1706379149 361 Lip Volume Injections What If This Was for You1706379149 361 Lip Volume Injections What If This Was for YouThe result of lip volumizing injections can be quite subtle; Here is the proof.

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Lip Volume Injections What If This Was for YouLip Volume Injections What If This Was for You

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