Lis Vega burst the net with a rubberized and tight

Lis Vega burst the net with a rubberized and tight look

actress and singer Lisa Vega continues to prove that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Showing himself in different styles of clothing on his social networks, he has found an unmistakable mark in his statuesque body. More than 1.9 million fans follow her instagram and leave any kind of comments.

Lis Vega poses. Source: Instagram @lisvegaoficial

The Cuban artist took her first steps in the world of entertainment as a dancer, although she found real fame when she arrived in Mexico in 1997. Lisa Vega played the character “Niurka Marcos” in the film. “My Truth” and since then his name has burned itself into the local scene.

Liseska Vega Galvez, the actress’ real name, is 45 years old and her career includes appearances in the telenovelas “Santa Diabla”, “Storm in Paradise”, “Amorcito corazón” and “Contra viento y marea”. These productions were new steps in her climb in the area, despite being one of the magazine’s bunnies playboy In the end, he positioned her as one of the most beautiful and sensual.

Lis Vega poses. Source: Instagram @lisvegaoficial

His body, which he takes great care of, has also come under criticism. In 2022, she was recognized for the appearance of her mouth after wearing it hyaluronic acid on the lips. Far from hiding Lisa Vega He replied emphatically, “I like what I see. People who want to live in the lis of yesteryear, well I invite them to continue there in the past. That person doesn’t exist, either internally or externally.”

Li’s Vegas post on Instagram

Lis Vega poses. Source: Instagram @lisvegaoficial

True to her style, the Cuban artist remains very active on social media and on her Twitter account. instagram blinded netizens with a rubberized and narrow gaze. “Today is a new day, seize it and be thankful,” he wrote Lisa Vega along with a series of photos in which she looks very attractive.


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