Little Tonys daughter against Gino Paoli because of the claims

Little Tony’s daughter against Gino Paoli because of the claims in Sanremo: the singer songwriter risks a lawsuit

How punctual after each issue of Feast of San Remo, the controversy continues this year as well. I’m not the only one arguing Blancoupon which a claims investigation would be weighed and exposure for obscene acts in a public place fedez And pink chemistry: also the sensational anecdote of Gino Pauli At Little Tony could have legal consequences. The Genoese singer-songwriter’s words actually upset the family of the “Cuore matto” performer.

Little Tony’s Daughter vs Gino Paoli

In an interview with ‘Fanpage’ Little Tony’s daughter Christian Cacci stated that by Gino Pauli is “a very ugly offense, out of place, out of context, inappropriate, indelicate and even ignorant because insults the memory of my dead parentswhich they cannot replicate in any way”.

Reflecting on what happened on the final night of the festival, he stressed that the now 88-year-old singer-songwriter “gave it up horned‘ to his father and ‘della rogue‘ to the mother.

Gino Paoli on the Ariston stage together with Amadeus and Gianni Morandi

What Gino Paoli said about Little Tony

Gino Pauli surprised everyone, especially the artistic director amadeus and the co-host Gianni Morandiin relation to Little Tony He said: “He came home and his wife, that’s his wife… The wife he had, his friends he had made them allin Tony’s house”.

Then she added: “He takes, comes to Viareggio where I sang and asks me: ‘How do you do it when a woman is cheating on you?’. I had written a song, ‘Even If’ and he said to me you wrote that You need to know how to do it when a woman is fooling you. He came up to me and asked me something like that.” A story that many have found insensitive and inappropriate.

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What is the singer-songwriter now in danger

According to what was announced on the Ariston stage in front of millions of viewers, things could soon get rough for the well-known singer-songwriter legal consequences.

“That my parents may have cheated on each other in the 12 years they were together is likely, but not in the way he said it was,” she explained. Christian Cacciand stressed that “even if it were, it was not up to Gino Paoli to say it after my father’s death and on the Ariston stage”.

To date, as the woman announced, no apology has been received. “I am consulting a lawyer – he warned – I have to decide whether to sue Gino Paoli. I’m taking a few days to think about it, it’s been a hectic week.”

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The daughter of Little Tony he underlined that he “felt a responsibility to defend two people who are no longer here”.

Photo source: ANSA