Little Tonys daughter Cristiana Ciacci vs Gino Paoli quotI evaluate

Little Tony’s daughter Cristiana Ciacci vs Gino Paoli: "I evaluate the hypothesis of a lawsuit"

“Gino Paoli called my father a cuckold and my mother not well way”. Christian Caccithe daughter of Little Tony back to the final evening of the Sanremo Festival and the spoken words of Gino PauliSuper guest of Amadeus and on the fan page, explains: “It certainly never happened to me that my mother went through everything again, knowing full well how it was done. Then that in the twelve years that my parents were together, they can betray each other, it’s likely, but not in the way he said. In any case, even if it were, it wasn’t for Gino Paoli to say it after my father’s death and on the Ariston stage”.


The woman’s reference refers to the “anecdote” Paoli told on stage: “Little Tony had come to play the cantagiro,” Paoli recalled, “then he returned home and his wife, that is his wife … the wife he had, he had all made friends at Tony’s, he takes, comes to Viareggio where I used to sing and asks me: “How do you do it when a woman betrays you?” I had wrote a song, even if, and he told me he said you wrote that you gotta know how to do it when a woman fools you. He came to me to ask me such a thing.

Cristiana Ciacci pictured as a child with her father Little Tony, sports car enthusiast Cristiana Ciacci continues: “The apologies have not come through, publicly or privately, and I already know that they never will. I apologize publicly because the insult was public. You need an awareness to have the guts to say, “I said shit, I was wrong, I apologize.” If you don’t have the guts to apologize publicly , at least make it private. Find my number, call me and apologize”. The woman is said to be considering legal action: “I am consulting a lawyer, I have to decide whether to sue Gino Paoli. I’m taking a few days to reflect, it’s been a hectic week. In the meantime, I continue to wait, knowing that neither public nor private apologies will come. I will decide what to do. I feel responsible for having to defend two people who are gone, my parents. I don’t allow anyone to throw dirt at them. That’s for sure. I’ll find out how to do it.”

Instead, little Tony’s daughter acquits the conductors amadeus And Gianni Morandi: “They were completely embarrassed. Morandi himself said: ‘You can’t say these things’. A tile fell on both of their heads. What could they have done? Scold him? I have nothing to say about it, only about Gino Paoli. I think Morandi was expecting a different kind of anecdote, a nice memory since this dad’s birthday also fell that week, I’m sure he never expected Paoli to come up with something like that.