LIVE Almost a year after the start of the war

LIVE Almost a year after the start of the war, Ukraine faces a major Russian offensive


Russia denies plans to “destabilize” Moldova

Russia on Tuesday denied any “plan to destabilize Moldova” after Moldovan President Maïa Sandu the day before accused Moscow of preparing “violent attacks” in her country, a pro-Western neighbor of Ukraine. The Moldovan leader’s claims are “absolutely unfounded and without evidence,” the Russian Foreign Ministry condemned in a press release.

He also accuses Ukraine of being the source of this “disinformation” to fuel tensions between Moscow and Chisinau.


NATO engaged in a logistical race for ammunition

NATO members on Tuesday will seek to speed up supplies of arms and ammunition to Ukraine and will discuss supplies of fighter jets to enable it to withstand the new offensive Russia is preparing.

The allies pledged to supply Ukraine with artillery, armored vehicles and tanks, anti-aircraft systems and “other commitments” Tuesday morning at the support group’s meeting in US-led Ukraine. assured on Monday Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the transatlantic organization.


Ukrainian authorities report 139,000 Russian deaths

In their daily tally, Ukrainian authorities said 139,080 Russian soldiers had been killed since the conflict began. It is also emphasized that more than 3200 tanks or almost 300 helicopters were destroyed.

However, these figures should be put into perspective, as Russia has provided very little information on these losses. Kyiv also says very little about the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed since the conflict began.


Air raid alert in Ukraine

All Ukrainian territory is on alert for possible Russian air strikes on Tuesday, February 14.


Two Russians are allowed to apply for refugee status in South Korea

A South Korean court has granted two Russian nationals who have been stuck at an airport for months the right to formally apply for refugee status and allow them entry into the Asian country. The men, whose lawyer asked not to be named for security reasons, have been stuck at Incheon International Airport since October after fleeing Russia after refusing to fight in Ukraine.

They ended up in South Korea hoping for asylum, but their application was rejected by the ministry.


“Complicated” situation north of Bakhmout

“Russian forces continued to make tactical gains, conducting ground attacks around Bakhmout on February 12-13.” writes the Institute for the Study of War, and attacks proceed in Donetsk region. Ukraine on Monday acknowledged a “complicated” situation north of Bakhmout, the epicenter of fighting in the country’s east, where the Russian army demanded the capture of a new village and continued its attempt to encircle this fortified town of Donbass.


Ukraine is threatened by a major Russian offensive

Almost a year after Russia invaded Ukraine, the conflict is still ongoing and Russian troops are occupying the country’s eastern border. A major Russian offensive in the coming days is feared by Ukrainian troops as fighting rages in several cities.