LIVE Eurovision 2023 Sam Ryder who finished second for the

LIVE Eurovision 2023: Sam Ryder, who finished second for the UK last year, presents a new title


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Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 tonight thanks to singer Loreen and her title tattoo. La Zarra, who represented France with the song Obvious, placed 16th. Thank you for following the Eurovision Song Contest with us. We finish this live!


La Zarra, who finished 16th overall, shows the finger of honor

Upon seeing the points allotted to him, which gave him a disappointing 16th place, La Zarra flipped the middle finger at the camera. The pictures are doing the rounds on social media.

Other netizens noticed that La Zarra’s silhouette appeared in the background while Finland and Sweden went head to head to see who would win. Let’s assume that the singer has left the Green Room, where the delegations are waiting together for the results, before the end of the scoring.


Sweden wins the competition, France is 16th

Disappointment for La Zarra, who a few days ago ranked third by the bookies and left Eurovision 2023 in sixteenth place. Swede Loreen, big favorite of the competition, won this 67th edition.


The points of the juries are distributed, Sweden is largely in the lead

At the end of the jury’s points distribution, Sweden’s Loreen is mostly at the top with 340 points, France is in sixteenth place with 54 points. But the results of the televoting, which will be announced soon, could change everything.

The results of the scoring by the juryThe results of the points awarded by the jury © Screenshot France 2


A message of support for Ukraine with full scoring

The moderator chosen to announce the Estonian jury’s points had a word for Ukrainians who have been suffering from the Russian invasion for more than a year:

“All Estonians are sending their strength to the people of Ukraine. You never walk alone.”

Estonia owed their 12 points to Sweden, the big favorites of this edition.

Estonia's points distributionEstonia Score distribution © France 2 Screenshot


The distribution of the points of the international juries has started

Once the 37 countries have announced their points, the results of the public televoting will be announced one by one.

The distribution of the points of the international juries has startedThe distribution of points for international juries has started © Screenshot France 2


The Ukrainian city of Ternopil, where the Tworchi duo hails from, was attacked by Russia in the evening

According to the BBC, this western Ukrainian city was hit by a Russian attack just as the Tvorchi duo was about to take the stage.

More information here.

05/13 at 11:37 p.m

Sam Ryder, who finished second for Great Britain last year, is back

The British singer, who finished second last year, returns to the Eurovision stage to perform his new track ‘Mountain’.

05/13 at 11:25 p.m

It’s time to vote!

The 26 candidate countries performed on the Liverpool Arena stage. Now it’s up to the public around the world to make their voices heard by voting for their favorite candidate.

A quick reminder of the rules: a person can vote up to twenty times and voting for their own country is forbidden!

05/13 at 11:08 p.m

Finland’s Käärijä, darling of bettors… and the press room

The candidate from Finland and his crazy Cha Cha Cha have not left the second place in the forecasts for months. And if you believe the reaction of the people present in the press room during his performance, a large part of the audience is also enthusiastic about his cause…

05/13 at 10:53 p.m

Tvorchi, the duo from Ukraine, also performed

They were one of the most anticipated acts of the evening: the duo Tvorchi, representing Ukraine, performed their play Heart of Steel.

They succeed the Kalush Orchestra, which won the country last year with its song “Stefania”. Tradition would have wanted Ukraine to host this edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, but due to the risks associated with the war, the organizers preferred the English city of Liverpool.

05/13 at 10:48 p.m

A nod to Ukraine?

Four personalities are sharing the co-hosting of the competition on stage at the Liverpool Arena: TV presenter Graham Norton, actress Hannah Waddingham, British singer Alesha Dixon and Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina.

Contrasting the latter two, there is reason to believe that they have agreed on a discreet nod to the country that won the 2022 edition and has been suffering from the Russian offensive for more than a year. One in blue, the other in yellow, their clothes pick up the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Alisha Dixon and Julia SaninaAlisha Dixon and Julia Sanina © Screenshot France 2

05/13 at 10:19 p.m

Finland’s Käärija, second favorite of the predictions, enters the scene

If Loreen has a serious opponent, it’s probably him. Finn Käärijä has never left second place in the bookmaker rankings with his crazy Cha Cha Cha.

This piece, which skilfully mixes rap and metal and then drifts off into a surprising pop melody, remains significantly less popular than Loreen’s song. Bettors give the Swede a 49% chance of winning versus 24% for her Finnish rival.

05/13 at 10:07 p.m

Swede Loreen, big favorite of the 2023 edition, performed in turn

Loreen, representing Sweden, performed her title tattoo on the Eurovision stage. From the start of the competition, victory seems assured for her: she has never left the top spot in bettors’ predictions.

Because Loreen is an icon of the Eurovision Song Contest: she won it for her country in 2012 with the song Euphoria, an international hit that went far beyond the spheres of tele-hooks.

05/13 at 22:00 o’clock

French Junior Eurovision winner Lissandro speaks

Young Lissandro, who won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in December, sent a surprise message to Eurovision viewers tonight. The next edition of the children’s version of the competition will be held in Nice.

05/13 at 9:46 p.m

La Zarra, the representative of France, has his turn

The Quebec singer, who is ranked well in the top 10 by bookmakers, gave a stunning rendition of her title Obvious.

05/13 at 9:39 p.m

The Serbian candidate performs, La Zarra prepares to perform

Now it’s the turn of Luke Black, the representative of Serbia, interpreting his title Samo Mi Se Spava. La Zarra is next in line.

05/13 at 9:31 p.m

A few words in French from the English moderator

British actress Hannah Waddingham, who is co-hosting the evening’s Eurovision Song Contest, opened the evening with a brief reminder of the rules in perfect French.

05/13 at 9:24 p.m

Austria opens the celebrations

The Austrian duo Teya & Salena will kick off the evening. The two young women give a rousing performance of their title Who the Hell is Edgar?, a zany ode to the author Edgar Allan Poe.

05/13 at 9:18 p.m

Former Ukrainian candidates follow each other in homage to the country

After winning last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Ukraine has traditionally hosted the 2023 edition. Organizers ultimately favored the UK, as the country was plagued by a fierce Russian offensive.

But the city of Liverpool had assured that this edition would pay tribute to Ukraine and it delivers on its promise: several former Ukrainian candidates, notably the 2016 winner Jamala, performed at the beginning of the ceremony.

05/13 at 9:09 p.m

The evening begins with a performance by the Kalush Orchestra, winners of the 2022 edition.

The Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra, who won their country last year with the song “Stefania”, opened the evening with a medley. The rap and folk band performed several titles including the one they won in 2022.

05/13 at 9:00 p.m

Who are the favourites?

Eurovision fans have been following bettors’ predictions for months. If La Zarra didn’t leave the top 10, she was demoted from fifth to seventh this afternoon. Find the favorites of this edition.

05/13 at 8:23 p.m

(Re)discover “Obviously” the title that represents France

The Quebec singer will defend the tricolor tonight with “Obviously”. The piece presented a few months ago is one of the sure bets of this competition: it has not disappeared from the top 10 of bettors for weeks.

05/13 at 8:22 p.m

26 countries in the competition

While there were 37 countries taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 at the start of the competition, tonight there are only 26. The order was announced yesterday: La Zarra will be the sixth artist to perform tonight.

Discover the running order

05/13 at 8:17 p.m

H-1 before the start of the Grand Finals

More than 45 minutes before the start of the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest, taking place in Liverpool this year. This year, the singer La Zarra represents France with her song “Évidemment”. The big favorite of the 2023 edition is the Swede Loreen with her song “Tattoo”.

La ZarraLa Zarra © FTV