Live from the Universe Last minute staging changes

“Live from the Universe”: Last-minute staging changes

This Saturday it was Sébastien Benoît's turn to sit in the seat of France Beaudoin's swivel seat.

The party was attended by several Quebec artists, including Mitsou, who performed her hit song “Dis-moi, dis-moi.”

Since she's sitting on a chair (naked, need we remember?) in the '90s music video, she decided at the last minute to bring that important element back to the Live from the Universe stage.

“I woke up yesterday and thought: I need the chair to sing “Tell me” for @sebbenoit72! The accessory changed the dynamic and took us to another galaxy 💫Thanks to @endirectdelunivers for changing the staging at short notice! “, she stated on social networks.

The En direct de l'univers team listens to their guest artists, even if they have suggestions for improvement just a few hours after filming begins 😄.

Check out footage of Mitsou's performance in the post at the end of the article.

Remember, singer Renee Wilkin paid tribute to this sexy music video for “Tell Me, Tell Me” and this is what came out of it.

Note that one of the highlights of Saturday's Live from the Universe evening was the visit of an international group. Find out more here.