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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) kicks off its 2024 pay-per-view (PPV) event season TONIGHT (Sat., Jan. 20) with a top-heavy card from Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The main event of UFC 297 features a bloody fight between the middleweight ruler, Sean Stricklandwho put his belt on the line for the first time ever against the 185-pound South African competitor, Dricus Du Plessis. In the co-main event of UFC 297 was the No. 2 seed contender Raquel Penningtonwill compete with the Brazilian finisher who talks trash, Mayra Bueno Silvafor Amanda Nunes'Vacated women's bantamweight belt. We have Neil Magny, Chris Curtis, Arnold Allen and so much more!


However, before this action begins tonight at 10 p.m. ET, will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC 297 “Prelims” below the card, starting with the first fight at 6:30 p.m. ET ESPN+ (ESPN will simulcast the undercard action at 8:00 p.m. ET). We'll then cover the UFC 297 PPV main card in a separate thread Here, starting at 10 p.m. ET. Bet on UFC 297 at DraftKings Sportsbook.

Remember that after Strickland vs. Du Plessis, we will also be the place for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis. Without further delay, find the latest UFC 297 “Prelims” undercard results below. (Note: This is done from bottom to top, so scroll down for the latest detailed round-by-round actions.)


185 pounds: UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland vs. Dricus Du Plessis
135 pounds: Raquel Pennington vs. Mayra Bueno Silva for the vacant bantamweight belt
170 pounds: Neil Magny vs. Mike Malott
185 pounds: Chris Curtis vs. Marc-Andre Barriault
145 pounds: Arnold Allen vs. Movsar Evloev


135 pounds: Brad Katona vs. Garrett Armfield – Armfield def. Katona by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
145 pounds: Charles Jourdain vs. Sean Woodson – Woodson def. Jourdain by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).
135 pounds: Serhiy Sidey vs. Ramon Taveras – Taveras def. Sidey by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)
115 pounds: Gillian Robertson vs. Polyana Viana – Robertson def. Viana by TKO (punches) at 3:12 of the second round – HIGHLIGHTS!
170 pounds: Yohan Lainesse vs. Sam Patterson – Patterson def. Lainesse by submission (rear naked choke) at 2:03 of the first round – HIGHLIGHTS!
135 pounds: Jasmine Jasudavicius vs. Priscila Cachoeira – Jasudavicius def. Cachoeira by submission (d'arce choke) at 4:21 of the third round
125 pounds: Malcolm Gordon vs. Jimmy Flick – Flick def. Gordon by submission (arm triangle choke) at 1:17 of the second round – HIGHLIGHTS!


135 pounds: Brad Katona vs. Garrett Armfield

Round one: Armfield on the front foot, looking for jabs. Armfield shakes off an eye poke and then hits a left hook to the body. A minute later. Neither man has really prepared for the attack yet. Body shots of Armfield. Katona's low kick lands with a thud straight into the cup and Armfield feels it, but it takes him less than a minute to recover. They will start trading immediately as soon as they resume. Two minutes later. Low-High 3-2 from Armfield. Armfield appears to be the better boxer so far, while Katona is struggling to get a rhythm going. 1-2 from Armfield, avoids the counter shot. Lead to the right and 1-2. The right counterattack went just wide two minutes before the end.

1-2 from Katona. Well-timed reactive shot, Armfield defends and separates. Katona fakes a level change and lands a left hook. He ties up after dodging a jab and looks behind. Just a minute. Armfield turns to him and eats until the end at the top. Another. 10-9 Armfield.

Round two: 1-2 from Armfield at the start. Counterhook. His head movements and combinations are on point. Good change in the center, body shot shortly afterwards. After a minute, Katona changes levels but is rejected. Low kick from Armfield, who denies another level change. Two minutes later, Katona hits a looping hook that transitions into a stiff jab. Armfield just seems a bit sharper offensively and defensively as he outsmarts Katona. Two more minutes.

Katona lands on the body and eats a jab. Hard counter right from Armfield, both land solid lefts. Slight head kick and 1:2 by Armfield. Just a minute. Katona switches levels and lands an uppercut on the exit. Nice left hook after a one-two. He changes levels and executes a takedown, then hangs when Armfield is standing. Creeping knees. 10-9 Armfield.

Round three: Jab from Armfield, who avoids a backtake during the exchange. Combination lands for him, exchange in the center cage. Armfield gets double underhooks and they fight for support, culminating in Katona taking an inside trip into the guard. Armfield gains space and hits a Granby Roll to stay standing for a minute. Knee from Katona against the fence. Armfield tries to transform into him. Katona tries to chain his takedowns while eating elbows two minutes later. He locks his hands, good hips from Armfield to escape. Back to the punch trade. Nice right hands from Armfield. Strong lead straight from Katona. Two minutes before the end there are body shots, then a big right cross.

Armfield seems to be feeling the pace and Katona takes advantage with a double leg to cover. Armfield rolls to his knees and stands up. He separates at first, but Katona shoots back. Just a minute. Armfield tries to land the elbow during his defense. Beats during the break. Solid shots up top and he shoots but Katona is ready and defending. 10-9 Katona.

Final result: Armfield def. Katona by unanimous decision

145 pounds: Charles Jourdain vs. Sean Woodson

Round one: Jourdain attempts a headbutt but is just blocked. The low kick lands for him. Simultaneous kicks after a minute. Shock changes. Neither man has found their distance yet. Jab and low kick from Woodson, who avoids a lightning bolt. Woodson blocks another headbutt, provokes a bit and then throws a two-piece. Two minutes later they swap in the middle. Low kicks from both. Another good exchange in the center. Woodson takes it to the right and then responds with a solid right hook to a leg kick. Two more minutes.

Overhand left from Jourdain, who eats a few jabs in return. Jab exchange, combo from Woodson, who throws an overhand left attack and comes back with a leg kick. With a minute to go, Jourdain narrowly misses the target with a wheel kick and an overhand to the right. No-look 2-1 from Woodson, then a few body shots and a low kick. Big counter knee and left hook from Woodson as Jourdain looks for a single leg. Jourdain takes him to the fence, grabs punches on offense and misses with a wheel kick. 10-9 Woodson.

Round two: Jourdain tries to open aggressively. Hurricane Jourdain, nothing clean. Body kick from Woodson in return. Low kicks inside for a minute, then comes a counter left that has Jourdain buzzing. Woodson tracks and photographs. Hard counter left. Low kick from Jourdain, who devours a counterattack to the left and makes it 1:2. Jourdain just had a lot of problems with Woodson's length. After two minutes, Jourdain catches a knee and looks for a single leg. Woodson lands shots while defending himself. Jourdain puts him on the fence and tries to hit him on the thigh. Woodson considers a ninja choke, Jourdain tries a spinning back fist and they separate with two minutes left.

Body shot of Jourdain. Woodson is circling and firing straight punches. He shoots, rejected. Jourdain fires up a few haymakers and changes levels with a minute to go. Wheel kick attempt on the kickoff, then a good leg kick. Jourdain fails with a flying kick. The headbutt bounces away. 10-9 Woodson.

Round three: Jourdain takes a big swing at the start, Woodson fights back from the worst of it. Woodson tries a knee strike, Jourdain tries a head kick. Sharp cross from Woodson, who misses a lightning bolt. After a minute, Jourdain tries a combo and Woodson closes in and tries to regain the lead. Jourdain frees himself and lands a hard overhand right on the counterattack. Left hand into the clinch, then another level change. Woodson defends, then separates after two minutes. Woodson counters left and throws straight punches. Jourdain tries a lightning attack but can't land cleanly. Body shot of Woodson dodging a flying knee. Low kick from Jourdain, wheel kick misses two minutes before the end.

One more spinning kick isn't enough. Nice counter uppercut from Woodson as Jourdain equalizes. Jourdain looks for a single leg, no dice. He equalized again with a minute left. They break up soon after. Woodson goes after him and lands a body shot. He switches levels and avoids a guillotine to throw punches at the bell. 10-9 Woodson.

Final result: Woodson defeated. Jourdain by split decision

135 pounds: Serhiy Sidey vs. Ramon Taveras

Round one: Early counterattack to the left from Taveras. Sidey is making steady progress. He changes levels and puts Taveras against the fence. After a minute they separate. Body kick from Sidey, low kick behind. Nice low kick from Taveras, who fires off a shovel hook and goes straight to the right. Sidey advances further, hits him with a straight right and avoids a headbutt. After two minutes, Sidey tries a headbutt, lands a jab and lands a heavy body shot. Great counter body shot from Taveras after dodging a lightning attack. Hard sidey low kick, jab behind it. Exchange, two minutes before the end.

Sidey continues to look for headbutts and lands a body kick. Counter body shot by Taveras. Low kick exchange, Taveras counters to the left. Huge counterattack from Taveras, then another good left-footed shot. ESPN+ crashes and we start again with 46 seconds to go. 1-1-2 from Taveras as he continues to circle Sidey. They both try headbutts, then Taveras rocks him hard with a two-piece before the bell. 10-9 taverns.

Round two: Sidey absorbs a combo and shoots. No dice. Right cross from Sidey, who continues to march forward. He shoots again but is rebuffed again. Hard counterattack to the left from Taveras, who is rocked by a right cross. Sidey pushes forward but narrowly misses with a spearing elbow. A minute later. Looking for headbutts, the flying knee misses the goal. Low kick from Sidey who misses with another flying knee. Huge one-two by Taveras and Sidey goes down. Sidey immediately tries to shoot and then gets back up. Another good spread. Sidey pops up and lands a right punch two minutes later. Sidey charges after him while Taveras dodges most of what comes his way. Sidey is an absolute mess, but he still comes. Anotehr went straight left through Taveras with two minutes left.

Sidey does everything he can to dump Taveras against the fence. Taveras mostly dodges and barely blocks a headbutt. Knee to the body from Sidey. Tavera's 1-2 is not enough. Just a minute. Sidey rips his jaw open with a pair of shovel hooks. Hard straight rights. Body kick, knee, elbow, uppercut in the clinch. Another elbow bump and a shove before the bell rings. 10-9 Sidey.

Round three: Difficult 1:2 from Taveras, then a 3:2 shortly afterwards. Sidey body steps to the jab. Check hook misses by almost a minute. Hard cross-to-body kick with the right hand. 1-2. Taveras hits him back with a straight left and body kicks him for his trouble. Body kick to make it 3:2 by Taveras. Low kick from Sidey. Two minutes later, Taveras went straight left. Sidey made a tough tackle and it was back to attacking the fence. Knee, elbow, right cross. Headbutt attempt. They pause to give Sidey his mouthpiece back. Two more minutes.

Quick counterattacks from Taveras. Side body kick, combination whiffs. Hard kick to the body. Low kick, then a clean flying knee strike that Taveras shrugs off. Just a minute. Exchange of blows near the fence. Side body kick and counter elbow. Taveras fires heavy artillery in the final 10 seconds and then misses a kick at the bell. 10-9 Sidey.

Final result: Taveras defeated. Sidey by split decision

115 pounds: Gillian Robertson vs. Polyana Viana

Round one: Both puff on their first punches. Viana counters and lands a body kick. Robertson changes level and turns them into half-defense with a single leg. A minute later, Robertson tries to isolate Viana's left arm and set up a kimura. Straight armbar now, loses it after two minutes. Tried to fit, so far not possible. Robetson hits her with two elbows and uses the distraction to move to mount and then back again with two minutes left.

Robertson quickly pulls up the arm triangle and it looks low. Impressive defense from Viana to survive and Robertson goes back to pushing the horse back. A hook in. With a minute to go it's back to the mount and as Viana tries to sweep, Robertson wraps up an armbar. Viana piles up and then fights out of it. Robertson quickly stands up. 10-9 Robetson.

Round two: Low kick from Robertson. Viana throws punches. She fends off Robertson with stiff arms to prevent the first level change. Solid left hand from Robertson, who runs the pipe for another single leg takedown a minute later. At the top in half guard. She quickly moves backwards and lands punches. Another arm triangle, no dice, elbows instead, before the back is taken back and Viana is flattened. Two minutes later, Robertson is stacking right hands. He looks for the RNC and then goes back to the elbows. Two more minutes.

Viana covers and Robertson just attacks with a right hand to force the stop.

Final result: Robertson def. Viana by TKO (punches) – VIEW HIGHLIGHTS!

170 pounds: Yohan Lainesse vs. Sam Patterson

Round one: Patterson keeps his distance and tries to strike. Lainesse fails with his right hand. A minute later. Solid counterattack from Patterson, who sinks a solid right cross. Lainesse tries to capitalize and takes him to the fence, but Patterson grabs a front headlock and knocks him to his knees. Looking backwards, a catch. Patterson chases the RNC and quickly slides his forearm under Lainesse's chin to force a frantic punch.

Final result: Patterson defeated. Lainesse by submission (rear-naked choke) – VIEW HIGHLIGHTS!

135 pounds: Jasmine Jasudavicius vs. Priscila Cachoeira

Round one: Cachoeira fires right off the bat, hitting Jasudavicius with a left hand. Jasudavicius changes levels, absorbs a knee strike but pushes Cachoeira to the mat. Cachoeira looks for a leg while Jasudavicius tries to secure a better position, eventually settling for half-back. A minute later. Now Jasudavicius lines up and takes control of the side. He moves to sit up and lands punches. Now the back and she has Cachoeira flattened as she unloads her. Back to assembling. Hard elbow from Jasudavicius. Rising up to unleash a barrage of punches. Two more minutes.

Cachoeira tries to hold Jasudavicius and stop her from posing, but still eats a lot of shots. Jasudavicius simply mauls them from above. Just a minute. We continue to methodically beat the filling out of cachoeira. This continues until the bell. 10-7 Jasudavicius.

Round two: Cachoeira attacks with the right uppercut to deter Jasudavicius. She lands a few leg kicks and then gets planted on her butt by a clean, straight right. Jasudavicius follows her to half guard and starts hitting her relentlessly again. A minute later. Jasudavicius quickly regains the horse. Play tight at the top. Two minutes later. Return to side control, punch away with your left hand. Not quite as consistent a barrage as in the first right section. Cachoeira turns into or and Jasudavicius completes a d'arce. It looks profound, but with two minutes to go she loses it.

Elbow from Jasudavicius, then a much deeper D'arce. This looks safe, but Cachoeira won't come out. She shows up with a minute to go and Jasudavicius insults her again from the mount instead. She continues to do damage until the bell rings. 10-8 Jasudavicius.

Round three: Cachoeira looking for jabs as she plods forward. She catches Jasudavicius with an uppercut and denies the first takedown attempt. Jasudavicius circles and throws kicks forward. A minute later, then another. She slips and hits hard. Cachoeira was still wading behind her and throwing. She falls down when hit and eats up a knee. Exchange of blows as Jasudavicius wades into the clinch and then separates. After two minutes, Jasudavicius started sprinting again. Jasudavicius sprints after her and is thrown to the side, taking a heavy hit in the process but pushing through to pull her into side control. Straight to the crucifix, throwing punches. Two minutes before the finish we head north-south.

Shin to the neck from Jasudavicius as she continues to pound away. Now attack the body. Just a minute. Cachoeira turns and Jasudavicius completes the d'arce again, this time forcing a tap to end one of the most one-sided fights in recent memory.

Final result: Jasudavicius def. Cachoeira by Submission (D'arce Choke)

125 pounds: Malcolm Gordon vs. Jimmy Flick

Round one: Gordon comes out hot behind the jab. He catches Flick ducking with an uppercut, stops the next shot and then takes him to the fence. Flick attempts a head-arm throw, which Gordon avoids before moving him into side control. Flick quickly takes cover again. Gordon prepares for some hard punches but opens himself up for a triangle throw. Flick tries to toughen it up as Gordon continues to beat him. Gordon stacks up and lands a good elbow. He finally releases his head and continues to land on the ground. Flick tries to use the fence to stand, but Gordon fails with two minutes left.

Gordon continued to throw punches and elbows. Just a minute. Flick just can't get the fight going as Gordon works him over. As he makes a little progress, Gordon resorts to a guillotine. It looks incredibly close, but Flick somehow penetrates the top half of the defense and fends off a stranglehold from Von Flue. Gordon was saved by the bell. 10-9 Gordon.

Round two: Low kick from Flick, combo from Gordon. Gordon presses forward with volume and shakes off a left hook to send Flick into the fence. Gordon lays it on him while Flick covers up and retreats. Just as Flick seems to be crumbling, a reactive takedown puts him on top, where he threatens the back before locking in an arm triangle. This one is hideously deep and there is the tap.

Final result: Flick def. Gordon by submission (arm triangle choke) – VIEW HIGHLIGHTS!

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