Live Updates: Arkansas 3, Texas 2, 9th inning – 247Sports

Follow live updates as the No. 8 Arkansas Razorbacks begin the 2023 regular season against the Texas Longhorns in the College Baseball Showdown at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. The first pitch is scheduled for 7:10 p.m. (CST) and will be streamed on FloSports. To learn more about how to tune in to today’s game, click HERE.


Here are the starting lineups for each team.


  • 1 CF Tavian Josenberger (S)
  • 2. 2B Peyton Stovall (left)
  • 3. 3B Kaleb Cali (R)
  • 4. 1B Brady Slavens (L)
  • 5.LF Jared Wegner (R)
  • 6. RF Jace Bore Furnace (L)
  • 7.DH Kendall Diggs (L)
  • 8. C Hudson Polk (R)
  • 9th SS John Bolton (R)
  • Starting Pitcher: LHP Hagen Smith


  • 1.FC Eric Kennedy (L)
  • 2.R.F. Dylan Campbell (R)
  • 3.LF Porter Brown (L)
  • 4. C. Garrett Guillemette (R)
  • 5. 2B Jack O’Dowd (L)
  • 6th SS Mitchell Daly (R)
  • 7. 1B Jared Thomas (L)
  • 8. 3B Jalin Flores (R)
  • 9.DH Jayden Duplantier (R)
  • Starting Pitcher: LHP Lucas Gordon

1st guest performance

  • T1: Tavian Josenberger makes a quick stop at a tight game first and we’re underway.
  • The Hogs take turns going down as Stovall lines up left and Cali swings for a swing. No runs, no hits, no errors.
  • B1: Kennedy leads the bottom half with a single down the middle with a 1-1 count.
  • Smith rebounds to swing Campbell with a 95-mph fastball before initiating an inning-ending 4-6-3 double play. No runs, one hit, no errors in the frame.

2nd guest performance

  • T2: Wegner takes a four-pitch walk to start the second inning.
  • The first Arkansas hit of the season belongs to Bohrofen as he hits an infield single. Daly was having trouble with the Grounder.
  • Gordon tricks Diggs and Polk into swinging down to escape the traffic jam, leaving two Hogs stranded. No runs, one hit, no errors in the frame.
  • B2: Guillemette hits an E5 as Cali can’t make the play on third base. Another leadoff man on board for the Longhorns.
  • The Hogs spin their second doubles game of the game to obliterate the leadoff runner. This time a 6-4-3.
  • Daly hits one hard in midfield, but Josenberger is there to catch the lineout and close the inning. No runs, no hits, one error in frame.


  • T3: Bolton works a nine-pitch at-bat, and it leads to a single down the middle to give Arkansas their first leadoff runner of the game.
  • Josenberger puts in a sharp move in right midfield and Stovall lands in a 4-6-3 doubles to end the frame. No runs, one hit, no errors in the frame.
  • B3: Smith retires the Longhorns while getting Thomas and Duplantier to swing downstairs. No runs, no hits and no errors in the frame.

4th inning

  • T4: The Razorbacks are retired as Cali and Slavens are eliminated and Wegner makes a sharp move to finish first. No runs, no hits, no errors.
  • B4: Smith turns out the bottom half of the page in order. No runs, no hits, no errors in the frame.


  • T5: Gordon adds two more K’s in a perfect fifth frame and has now set off eight hogs in a row. No runs, no hits, no errors in the frame.
  • B5: Smith gives Guillemette his first walk of the game to start the home half of the fifth.
  • O’Dowd is skated five pitches, and the Longhorns now have first- and second-place runners without anyone falling out. Arkansas pitching coach Matt Hobbs is heading to a hilltop visit.
  • A sacrificial bunch from Daly puts the runners in second and third place. One out now.
  • Smith gets Thomas to go down for a big second.
  • Flores swings a swing and Smith escapes the traffic jam unscathed. No runs, no hits, no errors in the frame.

6th inning

  • The Longhorns go to the bullpen for the first time when RHP LaBarron Johnson comes on the pitch.
  • T6: Josenberger gets his first hit as a razorback with a one out single right after a 10 pitch at bat.
  • Josenberger moves up to second with a pass.
  • Stovall works on foot. Pigs with runners first and second, one gone.
  • Cali lands in a 6-4-3 double play to end the frame. No runs, one hit, no misses.
  • Hagen Smith’s night comes to an end as RHP Cody Adcock runs for Arkansas.
  • B6: Adcock retires bottom-half team with two strikeouts. No runs, no hits, no errors in the frame.


  • T7: Slavens starts the top of the inning with a single to right field.
  • Wegner follows with a single to the right, which he hit on the first try at 111 mph.
  • Texas will return to the bullpen, bringing in LHP Chris Stuart to pitch with the runners on the first and second null outs.
  • Drill kiln works on foot. Bases now load for Diggs when nobody is down.
  • Diggs rips a single just past the glove of Flores in third place and that will score Slavens and Wegner. Arkansas 2, Texas 0
  • Bolton hits a two-out double on the left field line to score another goal. Arkansas 3, Texas 0
  • Josenberger works a walk to load the bases. One gone in the inning.
  • Stuart gets Stovall to swing for a big second and he knocks out Cali to finish the frame. Three runs, three hits, no errors.
  • B7: A 10 pitch at bat from Porter Brown finishes with a solo home run to right field to put Texas on the board. Arkansas 3, Texas 1
  • Guillemette follows with a double to left field. Still no one out in the picture.
  • Arkansas will return to the bullpen when RHP Koty Frank steps in on the pitch.
  • Frank gets O’Dowd to run out to Stovall, who makes a nice sliding play in the second pass. Daly lands a ball back to Frank on the mound, keeping the runner at third base. two down
  • A wild throw scores Guillemette from third base on a 2-2 count. Arkansas 3, Texas 2
  • Thomas pulls out to finish the inning. Two runs to two hits, no errors in the frame.


  • T8: Slavens records his second leadoff hit in as many innings as he ties a double to the gap in right field.
  • Texas returns to the bullpen with RHP Andre Duplantier coming onto the court.
  • Duplantier hits Wegner and brings Bohrofen to the ground. Diggs is hit by a pitch to put runners in the corners.
  • Polk meets the choice of an inning-ending fielder. No runs, one hit, no errors in the frame.
  • B8: After an alley early in the bottom half, Powell and Kennedy hit back-to-back singles for the Longhorns. Two on, one out.
  • The Razorbacks now turn to their closer RHP, Brady Tygart.
  • Tygart beats Campbell with a 94 mph fastball. two away
  • A double steal on a 0-2 count puts the runners in second and third place.
  • Tygart tricks Brown into going down and swinging a curveball to abandon the runners.

9th inning

  • T9: With two outs, Stovall catches a throwing miss from Daly at the shortstop. A wild throw puts him on second base.
  • Cali strikes for the fourth time tonight and that will end the frame. No runs, no hits, one miss.