Loredana Berte defeated in San Marino despite a standing ovation

Loredana Bertè defeated in San Marino (despite a standing ovation), the Spanish Megara goes to the Eurovision Song Contest

No Eurovision Song Contest for Loredana Bertè: The metalheads Megara from Spain will represent the Republic of San Marino on the festival stage. The voice of “I'm not a Lady” was sensationally defeated last night in the final of “A Voice for San Marino”, the competition – now in its third edition – with which the microstate selects its representative for the continental event taking place from May 7th to 11th in Malmö.


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Loredana Bertè, defeated as favorite

Arriving as the big favorite to win, she left the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana with her Pazza defeated at the end of the marathon led by Fabrizio Biggio and Melissa Greta Marchetto.

Not an excellent advertisement: just to fly to the Swedish city “to annoy my ex-husband Björn Borg”, as she confessed at the Sanremo festival (when she had enjoyed the taste of triumph for an evening with her Pazza: in In the end she took seventh place and represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest. The winner of the festival was Angelina Mango with her La noia), the 73-year-old rocker from Bagnara Calabra had agreed to represent the microstate. Putting herself on the line and competing with colleagues for the pass, with a story that isn't exactly up to the level of a star like her: because alongside her friend-rival Marcella Bella (competing with Who We Are Really) and the Die great Dana Gillespie (74-year-old British singer), who, after a collaboration with David Bowie – and a relationship with the White Duke – played Mary Magdalene in the original 1973 Jesus Christ Superstar: she was in competition with The Last Polar Bear), in The line-up also included meteors like Jalisse (fresh from hosting the last Sanremo, they presented themselves with Il cielo è qui – they took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 with Fiumi di parole and came fourth), Pago (someone will remember his Parlo di te remember, a hit from 2005 that went from soundtrack to a car commercial), Wlady with Corona, Ice Mc and former Articolo 31 Dj Jad, former competitors of Amici La Rua. And then unknown emeritus like Megara herself (led by singer Kenzy Loevett, long fuchsia hair), the Englishmen Aimie Atkinson and Aaron Sibley and the up-and-coming Daudia, Xgiove, Dez, Kida, Booom!, Mate, Masala and Foresta.

The choice

It didn't go well and who knows how she would have taken it, as fuming and angry as she is. The jury consisting of Clarissa Martinelli, John Vignola, Steve Lyon, Anna Bischi Graziani and the President Celso Valli will select the winner. Already during the performance he showed a certain nervousness, which was undermined by some problems with the sound. Nevertheless, Bertè managed to get a standing ovation from the audience. There was no shortage of problems with the teleprompter (Biggio immediately paid the price as he couldn't remember the names of the San Marino foreign ministers and the teleprompter went crazy), incorrect graphics, gaffes (like when Biggio interviewed Filippo Graziani, guest of the evening presents the recently released tribute album to his father Ivan as a successful collection, but the singer-songwriter corrects him: “It's an album with unreleased songs”), unfortunate jokes (Melissa Greta Marchetto misses a “Did you go to special schools? ” addressed to Biggio, who had difficulty pronouncing the names of the members of the Slovenian band Booom!, waiting for the announcement that everyone was waiting for. Arrived at the first round, with a significant delay compared to the schedule – between the guest of Riccardo Cocciante and the greetings to Al Bano and Massimo Boldi, who were present in the audience – but which left everyone speechless.