Loredana Berte you know the ex husband he was a

Loredana Berté, you know the ex husband: he was a great champion

For some of her acquaintances, Loredana Berté’s life was linked to tennis. A very champion in particular was her husband.

author of some of the most important songs in the history of Italian music, Loredana Berteat 72, has no desire to leave the music stage and continues to write and record hits.

Loredana BerteLoredana Berté (Ansa photo)

The singer-songwriter, an eccentric and ironic personality, began her career in 1970 and since then has almost never stopped walking the main stages of Italian and mostly international music.

His private life, on the other hand, was closely linked to tennis through some of his love stories, which caused a stir at the time. One in particular sees her engaged and then married to a well-known tennis champion, 11-time Grand Slam champion and author of unforgettable matches, along with other champions of his day, most notably Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. bjorn borgwith whom he married in 1989.

Loredana Berté and Björn Borg, a complicated relationship

Bjorn BorgBjörn Borg (Ansa photo)

The relationship between borg and the Berte It was very complicated, marked by several difficult times they went through together and with his family who never approved of their relationship. Then the former tennis player attempted suicide in 1989, a few months before their wedding, and on this occasion he was saved by the singer. Two years later, she’s the one who tries the extreme gesture – the reason would be linked to the then-husband’s infidelity – but luckily they managed to save her in the hospital.

In short, it was a complex and often tumultuous relationship between them that, after all the troubles they faced, was resolved just three years after the wedding. Following their story, the two went their separate ways and managed to move on with their lives in the best possible way.

borg Today he is captain of the Laver Cup Team Europe and often attends the most important events in world tennis. Berte still at the top with all the musical achievements and accolades it continues to receive.

In addition, the same artist also had an acquaintance with another tennis player in the early seventies: Adriano Panatta, with whom she stayed for about a year and who would have introduced him to the same Borg after her story ended.